About Me

Hey you! So, no one likes to talk about themselves and I am no exception. I feel awkward writing this but, I want you to get to know a bit about me and I hope I can get to know you as well.

To start, I am the only child of two hard-working parents. From what I can remember (my parents will tell you otherwise) I really enjoyed growing up as the only child. My parents asked me once if I wanted a sibling and I asked for a puppy instead. That gives you an idea on how much I valued and still do my space and independence.

Fast forward to my college year! I went to college near Chicago, IL only to find that my true calling was to drop out and become an entrepreneur (truly, not recommended for everyone). So far, it has been a fun, wild, exciting, scary and even an intimidating journey.

You might ask, why are you blogging? Why write about all this when it seems like everyone else is vlogging or has YouTube videos? I will tell you why! I grew up writing. I grew up speaking Spanish as my primary language and learning English was the focus for me in school. As I continued my schooling, math become harder for me to grasp, whereas English and writing became more enjoyable. As I started to get better and better, I found writing as the way to express myself. I went through a period of constantly collecting new journals–telling myself I will use them–eventually. As far as I can remember, writing has always been a passion of mine. The moment I got my first giant computer, I began to write short stories. I would do my best to copy the kind of stories I used to read. Stories full of fantasy and adventure that would inspire me to live my life that way.

I am a big introvert who slowly learned how to socialize in a healthy way. I learned how to come out of my shell and became the person I knew I was inside. Whenever someone mentioned how quiet, timid or shy I seemed it just made me so frustrated because I knew deep down in my heart, in my gut that was just not who I was. One day, I decided I was going to break through this and dig through all my mental limitations to create my truth. After many, many many tears and moments of wanting to hide and pull my hair out, I was able to take hold of my confidence and use it to propel me towards the life I envisioned. Which was very challenging and still is. Every fiber in my being would tell me to settle and not cross any comfort zones. I would tell myself even though it is uncomfortable, it will be completely worth it. As I move forward in my life, it continues to be true.

As time went on, I didn’t realize how possessive and negative I was becoming. I entered a point in my life, where for the first time, I felt like I had no direction. This made me try to grab everything within reach and mold it into how I needed it to be. Doing this was quickly disrupting my life and those around me. Now, I look back at younger Evelyn and I feel compassion for her. I am not making excuses for the things I said or did but, I learned a lot. I learned to let go, to forgive myself and how to make healthy changes. It is one thing to say you will and it is another, to do. Which is why I am a huge advocate on reading, associating yourself with positive people and audios of people who are willing to share their experiences with you. This is the best way to gain wisdom and use it to create the life you want!

It is so easy to underestimate the power of reading, engaging with positive people and audios but, it is soooo worth it! Without those tools I don’t know how I would have pushed through my obstacles. Incorporating these tools into my daily life has proved to be successful and as long as I want to grow and create the life I want, you will find me with these tools by my side.

To end this, here are a few quick facts about me. I love coffee, caffeine is my weakness. I love flowers, I just don’t have a green thumb so don’t expect me to keep anything alive. I love both movies and books so please don’t make me choose! I live in sunny San Diego with my high school sweetheart and I am a dog mom to Rocky and Milo. You can find them through my IG.

Please enjoy the rest of the posts and let me know what resonates with you. I love reading the comments so let me know a bit about your confidence and positivity journey.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Love, Evelyn.

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