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About Positively Confident

My boyfriend inspired me to create this blog. He showed me how I would limit myself. How quick I was to dismiss a good idea or think too much about what people thought of me. It got me thinking about how we dim our power, ideas, or beauty. We have gotten so used to people’s negativity that we think it is normal to accept what other people say to us. So many of us (it has definitely happened to me on many occasions) have been told who we are or what we should or shouldn’t do and we absorb it.

I suffer from anxiety and I realized that I was heading towards a place filled with negativity and frustration. I was looking at my life with such a hopeless, angry perspective. I was just contaminating everyone else around me and I didn’t want to be that person. So, I started to set some changes in motion. I started to incorporate new habits into my life.

I was looking for my inner peace, to let go and stop being so controlling in every part of my life. I just wanted to enjoy the moments and breath. So, if you are a control freak like me, if you suffer from anxiety, depression, a very negative mindset or are unhappy and you want something different–I am here to tell you that YOU are the something different. If there is even a secret to success or to happiness–my secret is that it STARTS with YOU. You have to decide, even when you feel at your lowest, to make that 1 change every single day.

I am just another person carving my own path and I hope to resonate with you. With social media it’s difficult to relate to someone who seems to have the “perfect” body, style, hair, and life. These standards are then the basis for which we judge each other. I don’t know about you but I am tired of being judged by a standard that has nothing to do with me. In a way, I got tired of following, I kept trying to change and fit-in, which caused me to feel disconnected and more out of place.

This Blog is for any person who wants to make a difference within their life one step at a time. Who wants to grow, who wants to start moving forward towards the life they want and at the pace they desire!

I am so pumped up! I am excited and sooo passionate to share how you can also make the same changes. Through the weekly posts, I share how I was able to overcome my limitations and gain the confidence I wanted. I share how to build a more positive & confident lifestyle by incorporating travels, reading, self-reflection, a healthy active life, and by showing up for yourself. These are all tools for gaining the kind of lifestyle you want.
I just want you to take what is helpful to you, don’t feel bombarded by my ways.

If you keep up with Instagram– and who am I kidding we all mostly do!! You will see a lot of my daily activities. IG is also a way you can follow and get in contact with me. I love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to comment and message me.

Have a lovely day!