About Blog

There are so many standards set in this world. Society telling us what should or should’t be. How we should act, dress, talk and walk and I think that is a ton of crap! This blog shares how to take control of our life and live it in the best way possible- without all the noise weighing us down.

I need to give my partner credit here. I did not come up with this blog all on my own. He has helped so much behind the scenes and I think he deserves a bit of recognition. He has put as much as I have into this wonderful project and without him it wouldn’t be what it is now. I think the same applies to me.

He stood by me even at my worst. When I was clouded with negativity, anger and frustration he never gave up on me. He gave me time, patience, love and occasionally a headache. The reason I am sharing this is because I know I am very fortunate to have him in my life. I realize we all do not have someone to support us or keep us accountable. Which is why I created this blog. I want to share with you how change is possible–in any area of your life. With or without help you can do it. Yes, it is a tiny bit easier with help and a little less scary and lonely but you still have to do the work. If I did not want to change my habits and way of living, my partner’s support would not even register on my radar. I needed to want to change in order to accept help.

When I first started to write for my blog I focused on beauty and fashion and directed most of it towards women. As I started to grow and change I realized I was not just growing and developing in just one area of my life, but multiple. I did not see it at the time but I was changing in different areas of my life. Which is when I realized a positive lifestyle is about perspective. Our perspective is based on how we live our live. We don’t just live our life in boxes, we are complex and encompass a mass variety of habits and roles. When we input a positive perspective in every aspect of our life we find ourselves with a life we are happy and proud of. A life that isn’t restricted by societies standards but a life that is build on our freedom to act on our wants and needs.

Change does not always come easy. We tend to self-sabotage and find ways to procrastinate but when you ready for change the process becomes so much easier. If you want to build a healthier lifestyle you will find so many different topics here to help you start. Topics based on wellness, health, anxiety, fashion, body-image, self-reflection, confidence building and so much more.

Change can be scary and a bit intimidating but anything worth doing always is. My motto is why let life change you when you can do the changing. Once you learn how to grab life but the reins you find that life is no longer happening to you but you are shaping it. The better you get, the more addicting it becomes. Through the weekly posts, I share many tools for gaining the kind of lifestyle you want.
I also want to remind you to take what is helpful to you, don’t feel bombarded by my ways.

If you keep up with Instagram– and who am I kidding we all mostly do, you will see a lot of my daily activities. IG is also a way you can follow and get in contact with me. I would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to comment and message me.

Have a lovely day!