Developing your inner-intuition

There is so much noise in the world. More than there ever has been. Which means we begin to loose our inner intuition. You know, that tingly feeling or that gut feeling you just can’t seem to shake. In our world of media we find ourselves drowning in a sea of photos, clips, videos, shows, movies, recordings and even video games. This makes it difficult to tune in to our personal needs.

Many people in my life have told me I have a strong inner intuition and in the past few years I have come to acknowledge it more. And I’ve realized that as much as we are drawn to media and the societal world we still crave connection. We are beings of this earth, just like any other organism on this planet, which means we are all connected. So, whatever you choose to call those feelings we should learn to listen to them. I know it can seem corny to say it’s the world whispering to you or nature calling your name, but our inner intuition IS deeply rooted into us. It’s what helps us make the right decision and stay out of harms way.

“You will never follow your own inner voice until you clear up the doubts in your mind.”

― Roy T. Bennett

Why you should develop your intuition

For the most part we all know what we want out of life, now whether or not we openly accept it and work towards it, is a different story. Due to our past or certain life experiences we can be hesitant to work towards what we want. We quietly say to ourselves, ‘is this possible for me?’ And you will ever know until you try.

Taking the time to develop your intuition is just like developing any skill, it takes time and lots of practice. You can’t be afraid to be wrong or make a mistake. If anything, making mistakes, especially in the beginning is the best opportunity to learn the most. Every decision I made was a ‘gut’ decision, it just felt right. I look back at these decisions now and I don’t feel regret or guilt, even at the bad moments. I look at all these moments as part of the journey and I wouldn’t want them any different.

So, we have all heard of those stories where a person felt that something was off and decided to get a check up only to find out they had cancer and because of this they were able to get early treatment and live. Or that one story where that person didn’t feel safe and turned back around only to avoid a very dangerous situation. This is you intuition and I don’t think it’s anything magical but simply a greater, mindful understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Yeh, sure developing this might help you out of dangerous or uncomfortable situations but it also helps you understand yourself and others better. You will begin to see situations with different perspectives and make the correct choices for you and or your family.

How to develop your inner-intuition

1. Escape your daily routine

I love a good routine. Lately, I’ve been focused on creating a more effective routine in my life and I have found that I not only get a lot done but it helps alleviate a lot of my anxiety. But, I am a pretty impulsive person, driven by excellence and the need to accomplish everything and anything I want.

And yet I find myself still craving some mystery and excitement in my life. Which is why I make it a point to escape my daily routine. This helps me bounce back into my creativity and see different outcomes. The more you expose yourself to new situations the better you will get at recognizing your inner intuition. How you respond or feel in those moments tell you a lot about how your mind works how you see the world. The next time you face a new situation you will be more in tune with how you perceive what is in front of you, helping you make the best next choice.

2. Learn from your past

There are many things that happen to us that we simply have no control over. Looking at our past with a sense of compassion can helps up learn from our mistakes and see what we can do differently now. Our past shows us our patterns and we can learn from those. We can see what our weaknesses and strengths are, helping us develop our intuition. Again, the better we become at understanding ourselves, the better we will be at listening to our inner ques.

3. Use your senses

We have 5 senses: sight, touch, taste, smell and sound. These are a big advantage for us when we use them. In our busy lives we tend to just dismiss certain sounds or smells. We are too busy or in a hurry to pay much attention to these things. And yet when we pause often enough we begin to train ourselves to pick up certain ques, ques that tend to be very helpful.

A helpful tip is to increment quiet moments throughout your day. We miss so much because our heads are glued to our phones or we are too focused on where we need to go, that we end up missing all the beauty, wonders and dangers in front of us. You don’t have to be isolated or in the perfect environment to take a quiet moment. You can be in your office and take a two minute breather, to just collect your thought and listen to your senses. The more you train yourself to use all of your senses, the more aware and attentive you become of your surroundings.

4. Test your intuition

Before I make a move or a decision I test it out in my ‘mind’s eye’. I chose a decision and play it out in my mind. Of course I cannot know exactly what is going to happen but I try my best to answer any questions that pop up. I prepare as much as I can so that I feel satisfied with my decision no matter the outcome. I do this with all the choices I have in front of me and I included the situation I am in, the people involved and what I want as a result. This helps me get in touch with what I really want and how it can also benefit those involved. The more I test my intuition, the better I get at making the right choices, helping me feel stronger and more confident in my decision making.

A great way to test your intuition is by asking many questions, by writing it out and even asking for people’s perspective. This will help you take on many view points and help you make the decision you feel the most comfortable with.

5. Focus on the end game

Align yourself with your values and dreams. Make the choices that will help you move towards your goals. Anything that does not help you should be dismissed. Doing this will help you strengthen your intuition, you will begin to trust yourself and the choices you are making. When your inner voice or that gut feeling arises you will be able to acknowledge it and use it to guide you. When you know what you want, your intuition will help you get there (along with making the right choices, taking action and lots of belief). In all seriousness, knowing what you want makes life feel less heavy and more clear. Having a goal or a plan helps you put your life in perspective, you begin to align yourself with your values, dreams and intuition.

6. Resist Less

As human beings we avoid anything uncomfortable or awkward. We avoid pain with a passion and we dislike confrontation. We rather stay in denial than face our truths. Which may be easier in the moment, but in the long run it becomes harder to live with all those pent up emotions. it’s important to take a step back from whatever is going on in our lives. To take a deep breath and reassess ourselves. When we avoid all of our issues, keep ourselves closed off or in denial we are not allowing ourselves to express how we feel and move on. We cannot figure out what to do next or get in touch with our intuition if we do not let go. It’s important to stop resisting negative emotions because they help us grow and heal.

I used to feel so ashamed of my anxiety, depression and fears. I hid it all so well that I would wake up in the middle of night with sudden panic attacks and I was not happy living that way. So, instead I stopped resisting so much, I got help and spoke to my partner about how I was feeling more often. Letting go and expressing yourself in a healthy way is a big stress reliever. You will even begin to say things like, “wow, I feel more like myself again.” Which means you have started to heal and gotten back in touch with who you are and what you want. Or in other words, you are in tune with your intuition.

Intuition is a gift

Your intuition is a powerful tool, so use it, develop it and you will see it work for you. And there are definitely other ways to work on your intuition like literally listening to your gut, getting in tune with your energy, getting creative and spending time in nature. It’s a gift we all poses, don’t waste it.

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