Finding Fulfillment in our fast-paced Society

How does a fulfilled life look like?

Feeling fulfilled is about deciding what kind of life you want to live. If you are in a point of your life where you feel disconnected then it’s important to look at your current lifestyle and figure out what isn’t working. Or, if you are totally content with your disconnect then more power to you, but I’m guessing if you are here reading this, you want more out of life.

It’s more important than ever, in this fast paced life we now live to feel happy and satisfied with our lives. There are so many outside factors that now impact our lives in a flash.

With the arrival of social media, change has become a constant in all of our lives. There are streams of pros and cons concerning social media. We have all seen a rise in mental health issues, lower self-esteem, perfectionism, and body negativity. Along with awareness to these issues and many others, social media has helped and supported many people, it has connected others and has helped share laughs, information and inspiration. Personally I enjoy social media, but I also take much needed breaks from the influx of information. And because we are constantly bombarded by so much content it can leave us feeling disconnected in a world of constant connection.

And yet, feeling fulfilled has nothing to do with the outside world but rather about our inner-self and our perception of the world. Fulfillment, happiness and positivity all go hand in hand. It’s up to you to change your narrative and create the kind of life you envision for yourself.

So, here are several tips to help you reconnect with yourself to feel fulfilled and happy with your life.

#1. Social Media

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room, social media! We live in a society where trends and viral videos are huge! To the point where we may often feel like we constantly have to catch up. As a result, we are left feeling like we are falling behind and displaced. Along with the popularity of social media, living a fast-paced lifestyle has become more common. If you are not doing something new, exciting or engaging then, “did it even happen?” So, I think it is reasonable to write that among the younger generations, with myself being a millennial, that social media has had a tremendous affect on our lives.

Social media truly pushed the fast forward button and kept it on. So much is happening in our world and in our lives– life just moves that much quicker now. Everything is captured and recorded and it always seems like something new is coming out every hour. Which is why it is so important to have a balanced and healthy perspective about social media. Take everything with a grain of salt. Everything is double sided, what you see on media is not 100% the truth. Videos and photos only capture a certain moment in time and you never really know what problems someone is facing or how a person is truly feeling behind the lens.

Social media often has us playing the comparison game. Which is very damaging to our inner-happiness and self-worth. And in this fast-paced world of ours, its important to unplug now and then. To lift our eyes off the screens and focus on the world right in front of us. I recommend limiting your time on social media. Get used to going on for a certain amounts of time and engage with people who are more open and real. Focus on people you can relate to or inspire you. Doing this will help you stop judging yourself and others so harshly and will ultimately help you stay in your present longer.

#2. Get into the habit of Self-Reflection

Self-fulfillment stems from knowing what you want for yourself and your life. The only way to know what you want is by experimenting and tuning into your heart.

You have got to start asking yourself certain questions. Only you have the answers to them but if you don’t take the time to dig out the truth– you will always feel like something is missing. Self-reflection looks different for everyone. You can reflect in the shower, while you workout, while you cook, before bed or even in the very moment you open you eyes. It can take place in a meditation stance or while you journal. There really is no perfect way to do this. The point of self reflection is to become in tune with yourself and your inner thoughts. To find your truths through the chaos that is your mind and day.

Doing this will help slow down your day. You slow down your racing thoughts, your feeling, emotions and even your to-do list. This gives you some time to refocus on how you are really feeling and what your inner thoughts are telling you. This helps you shift your perspective to what you find most important, so that you can do the things that truly matter to you and add meaning to your life.

#3. What are your values?

I figured this next tip might be more appropriately placed after our topic of self-reflection. Figuring out your personal moral compass gives you a sense of direction. Your choices and actions stem from your inner beliefs. So, it is mighty important to take the time and self-reflect on your values. A good way to find out what you care about is to think about what makes you upset or even angry. Maybe you absolutely hate it when someone lies to you, that might be a good indicator that you value the truth.

Knowing what your values are means you won’t have to second guess everything. You will be operating from a place of truth, confidence and self-assurance.

#4. Goal setting

It is important to have yearly goals and even goals for the next 5 years. This helps keep you focused and aligned with what you want out of life. The funny things about goals is that they tend to come true with a bit of time and attention. The act of making goals and taking action gives you direction, hope, purpose and accomplishment. Simply trying and giving it your all can leave you satisfied and pleased with your choices.

#5. Create healthy Boundaries

This is important for your peace of mind. So often we can feel bombarded by people’s ways and their impact in our lives, leaving us feeling frustrated and even annoyed. And of course we all know that the people in our lives can be a huge variable in how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes the people closest to us can be toxic so it’s important to implement boundaries you are comfortable with. I don’t know if it’s because they feel entitled to you or because they have known you for so long that they think they can treat you a certain way but for your well-being and overall fulfillment in life, set some boundaries. Our mental health is a big part of how fulfilled we feel with our lives so we have got to protect it.

Also, it goes both ways–I used to worry so much about what other people where doing that it hindered my life. I am so much better at setting boundaries now but sometimes I do find myself slipping. Instead of focusing on others and worrying about what they are or are not doing, it’s better to set some mental blinders and focus on what we need to do. It’s just as important to set some healthy boundaries for ourselves.

#6. A little more action

Whenever we feel sluggish, lazy, or depressed we often stop doing. When the cure is to start. When we are feeling unfulfilled with our lives the cure is to start doing more. Sometimes we feel like we are lacking because we are ‘lacking’. We are lacking passion, purpose, movement and action. A way to receive all that goodness is by doing more, even if you don’t know what you are doing. The more we sit aside and let life happen to us, the more we will begin to feel unmotivated. It’s literately the way for a ‘couch’ potato to go rotten. Even thought it might take some work and effort on your part, you will 100% reap the benefits.

#7. Contribute more

If you have time or want to make time, contribute more. You can decided to help a family or friend with a new project or take on some volunteer work. You can take on a cause or start a new project that helps mother Earth, like going plastic-free or paper-free. Doing these kinds of things not only gets you moving and adding more action into your life but you also receive feelings of success and accomplishment. You feel like you are a part of something and contributing to something other than yourself. This allows you to experiment. To figure out what excites you or even bores you. What feel right and what doesn’t align with your personal values and lifestyle. Contributing helps you feel whole. It can lead to more happiness, blessings and fulfillment.

Slow down for fulfillment

We have gotten caught up in the facade that we have to have big success in order to be happy or have a place in society. We need to have giant followings, viral trends, the biggest house, or largest office just to be noticed. If we don’t have these things then how could we possibly be happy?

Just as everyone else is moving on to the next best thing, this is where we need to make our move. If we ever want to feel real happiness and fulfillment we need to focus on the things that truly matter like integrity, joy, respect, family, healthy relationships and achievement. And these are not given over night.

Even if it means we might not follow the same trends or go in the same direction as the people around us, the direction that brings you closer to your fulfillment is the one that you want to be striving for.

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