Why Positivity is Worth the Effort

Ask yourself this, “If I don’t choose positivity, then what is my alternative?” It’s because of this question that you will find positivity is well worth the effort. As I have said countless times, “being positive” does not mean you dismiss the bad or negative emotions we humans naturally go through. Creating a happy and positive life is about creating a balance that works for you. Too often we compare ourselves to other people’s lives and we begin to feel like we are falling behind or doing all the wrong things, so of course you end up feeling crappy, frustrated and probably depressed!

The reminder we all need –positivity isn’t found in other people’s lives, it is found within yourself– in your thoughts and actions. Which is GOOD NEWS! This means you are in complete control of how you want to run your life.

Positive action leads to a positive life.

Evelyn Espinoza

First thing first- put your effort in your negativity

I am sure you have heard that it’s in your best interest to pay off bad debt before investing. That is because bad debt can hold you back. Instead of putting money towards investments that can financially move you forward you end up playing the catch up game with your bills.

Its the same concept for our mindset. We have been raised and in essence programmed a certain way. Our limited beliefs are like our debt and our future investments are the things we wish TO DO to create positive thoughts, lasting motivation and accomplish the lifestyle we desire.

Negativity is normal. Repeat that. NEGATIVITY. IS. NORMAL. So often we beat ourselves up and feel guilty for having negative thoughts and sometimes for even acting on them. And the more we try to avoid them the worse these thoughts seem to get. There was a time I was constantly trying to swallow my negativity and anxieties. I wanted to bury them and never think of them again. But that is where the trouble lies, the more you try to put them away, the more you think about them. I got so focused on these ‘bad’ thoughts that they started to consume me. They turned me into this angry, bitter, reclused person. I honestly thought I was a ‘bad’ person for having these kind of negative and scary thoughts.

After months and months of working on myself I found that I didn’t need to beat myself up so hard. For starters everyone experiences negative thoughts and these kind of thoughts don’t make up your truth.

It’s best to acknowledge them. Yes, at times it may be intimidating and you might find yourself feeling all sorts of things you don’t want to feel like, disappointment, weakness or shame. By acknowledging them you are actually taking back control. You are gaining the upper hand and deciding to shuffle through your thoughts and emotions to find your truth. By doing this, you begin to clear your mind and make room to focus on what you really want– like positivity, love, courage, confidence and so on. This alone already makes positivity so worth it.

Mental shifts take time & effort

Negativity can actually be helpful when you take the time to question your thoughts. These thoughts just like positive ones are generated by you, by habit. Not all negative thoughts will be helpful but focus on the ones that feel like they carry some truth. Often our fears and limiting beliefs hide in our negative thoughts, talks and actions. And when we begin to question these thoughts we might just be able to break through some mental barriers keeping us down. So, tuning in to some of these negative energies can help us face some facts we have been trying to avoid. I mean, no one said growth would be comfortable. And yet, like most uncomfortable situations, they end up worth it.

Some examples of mental shifts:

“I am not good enough.” SHIFT TO — “I am capable because I can [insert talent or skill here].”

“I can’t do it.” SHIFT TOO — “I can do anything I put my mind to.”

“This will never happen for me.” SHIFT TO — “I deserve good things & I am in control of my actions.

“I should be a better person.” SHIFT TO — “Everyday is a new day to better myself.”

“No one cares about me.” SHIFT TO — “There is love in my life and I am capable of loving others.”

Why Positivity is worth the hype

  1. Despite was is happening in your life, creating a positive mindset helps you produce a happier and healthier outlook on life. Life is tough for everyone and we all experience different stages in life. Stages of hardship, stages of growth and stages of peace. Although some situations may cause certain unpleasant reactions, not everything is as big and bad as we make it. So, when we chose positivity we are able to focus on our attitude with a clear mind and focus on what we can solve.
  2. Motivation can be hard to come by when our head is in the gutter. So, when you begin to incorporate positive thoughts and actions you will begin to find inspiration almost out of nowhere. You will do more with focused energy. No matter our profession, it is important to feel motivated, inspired and even creative. These kind of personal energies help us move forward and attract new opportunities.
  3. What we say to ourselves and about ourselves speaks volumes. When we constantly beat ourselves down and judge ourselves too harshly we begin to chip at our self-esteem, motivation and even self-worth. When we practice productive self-talk we can see better coping skills, lower levels of stress, higher energy levels and optimism. Which is why positive affirmations are so important. I definitely felt silly when I first began doing this everyday but I soon realized the difference in how I felt about myself. I realized what I say to myself, whether or not I pay attention is very important. So, be mindful of your thoughts and actions, they affect you, your day and those around you.
  4. Positivity is like a friend that wants you to be happy. It’s that positive influence that makes you want to become a better person. Not only do you begin to raise your self-esteem, but you also begin to view yourself with kind eyes and compassion. By doing this you start to take better care of yourself. You begin to do the things that will help you feel good and will lead to success. Like, exercising, taking vitamins and eating healthier. It leads to better rest which helps you feel clear minded and ready to tackle any problems. Hygiene is just as important and helps us get into the right state of mind for our day.
  5. Positivity leads to gratitude. Gratitude always acts like the silver lining in any circumstance. In times of chaos there is always something to be grateful for, even if its just the breath in your lungs. It can even help ease sad or upsetting situations and give us a sense of peace. We become more aware of our surroundings and choices allowing us to make more thoughtful choices that align with our values.

Positivity vs. Reality

By habit, most people say—“stay positive about it and everything will turn out alright.” I’ve even said these words to family, friends, and myself. These are not wrong words to say, they just lack a certain reality. Just being positive about something doesn’t guarantee that you or the situation will be alright. At the same time, positivity can help us become stronger and get through situations with a good attitude. It allows us be proud of ourselves when we overcome a situation with a good spirit.

If we have a healthy understanding of positivity, we know that positivity doesn’t mean just putting a smile on your face and turning away all the negative emotions. It is about being in the moment. Even when our world seems to feel like it is falling apart, being positive allows us to see the good.

So, positivity is definitely worth it. It is not overrated because the idea of being positive gives us a sense of relief. When we take a step back and choose positivity, we have decided that we want to be in control of how we view ourselves and our life. We have decided that it is better to go through a storm with hope, calmness, and determination rather than fear, worry, and regret.
Positive energy allows us to overcome many obstacles. If we are honest with ourselves and face our emotions, positivity gives us the extra fuel to keep moving forward with strength and hope.

If you find yourself struggling with staying positive don’t beat yourself up over it. We all struggle and we all have to start somewhere. You are reprogramming your mind to think differently. Which takes time and practice. You are basically working out a new muscle.

Let me know what you do daily to help you maintain a positive outlook. And do you think positivity is worth the effort?

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