How to find Lasting Happiness

Lasting happiness looks and feels different for everyone

Happiness is a hard word to describe because it looks and feels different for everyone. Many different websites try to explain the different categories of life that should help create happiness like work, money, family, religion, and even relationships. And yet, so many of us wonder if we will ever get to experience lasting happiness. So much so that we begin to believe that lasting happiness can be found in mindless pleasures instead of the simple things in our life.

We all have different histories and past experiences that shape our lives. We have different tastes and likes. Our thoughts are unique to just us and our choices differ from others thus creating our unique outcomes. So, to say that there is one universal thing that can make us all happy does not exist. What may bring one person lasting happiness may not be the thing for you.

I am no expert on happiness, but I do know I am happy. So, I am going to share how I created my little piece of happiness and how I have managed to hold onto it. As you read the different things that can bring happiness into your life, remember some things may be for you, while others are not. You are the best judge of that.

Many of us already know what we need to do to make ourselves happy. We can feel it. It is just a matter of getting there.

Evelyn E.

You can experience lasting happiness even in times of sadness or distress.

Looking back on the past couple of years and dealing with depression and anxiety it was difficult to hold onto my happiness, much less my sanity. And then, BOOM — Covid-19 enters all of our lives. Thus, completely throwing our lives off balance. If you didn’t have anxiety or fear in your lives before, you most definitely do now. The fear of uncertainty can cloud your judgement and fill your emotions with dread. And yet, I’ve come to realize just because things in your life make it difficult to feel happy and grateful does not mean happiness is out of reach.

Although many have tried to tell us other wise, happiness is not a luxury. It is something we can all experience and ultimately deserve too. I can’t tell you what happiness will look like for you but I can tell you even in the moments of fear, worry, frustrations and so on, happiness can still exist in your life. As I am about to share, it is mostly made of all the little things we take for granted.

Be true to yourself and happiness follows

Living a happy life does not mean we deny any negative emotions or situations. We will still experience emotions like anger or frustration. This does not mean you are any less happy. These kind of responses are due to outside sources. Obstacles and challenges are a part of of life and most often they tend to be unpleasant.

Maybe someone was rude or arrogant towards you or a loved one passed away. These kind of moments are saddening but they are just moments. I do not want to take away from the deep emotions we can experience when someone passes away or something traumatic happens in our life. My point is that achieving happiness can be so much more than just a moment. It is solely our responsibility to bring our happiness to light.

A happy mind is a happy life

Happiness has less to do with our surroundings and more to do with our mindset. I mean, have you ever wondered why the happiness people tend to be people who do not have much to their name or live in dire situations?

It’s all about mindset.

What we think and how we feel are so connected. More than we give it credit. As we go through our day we don’t stop often enough to listen to that little feeling or thought that keeps reoccurring. it’s these kind of quiet feelings that help us connect to how we really feel. If you think about it another way, what you think leads to how you feel, which ultimately leads to how you act.

If you want to be a happy person, this means you needs to think happy to feel happy, to ultimately do things that make you feel happy no matter your situation.

Mind over matter.

What to start doing to jump start your happy life.

  1. First and foremost, focus on the things you are most grateful for. Appreciate the small moments in your life. Like finding the perfect parking spot, finding a pair of jeans in your size and so on. These are small blessings that make our life more fun and enjoyable.
  2. Do the things you love or you have an interest in. This is a no brainier. If you enjoy going to the beach, try going more often. If you adore dogs, then get a dog. If you love Italian food then learn how to cook famous Italian dishes. Doing the things you enjoy leaves you feeling in a good mood.
  3. Invest in yourself. Whether it is time or money, invest some of it in yourself. Treat yourself to a movie night or a spa night. Buy yourself a fancy dinner or a new outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks. You and your happiness are important, it’s time to start treating yourself like it.
  4. Even if you are a social butterfly, allow time for meditation or some quiet time. This helps you recenter your inner self. To block out all the noise and just be.
  5. Active lifestyle. You will notice I didn’t write to exercise or workout, which by all means please do, it’s important for your health. But, an active lifestyle works just the same. Pick up a sport you enjoy, start hiking, camping or swimming. Doing something active releases endorphins leaving you feeling happy.
  6. Add some comedy into your life. Watch funny movies, or silly videos. Listen to your favorite comedians or even read a funny book. Laugh more often with the people near you. Laughter literally makes everything feel better, at least for the moment.
  7. Experiment. Get to know yourself. Figure out what you do or don’t like. Just trying new and different things helps bring a fresh perspective and an interactive life.

Our happiness is important and it definitely matters.

Evelyn E.

8.Challenge your perspective and reflect. Ask yourself tough questions. How do you feel about living your life? What no longer brings you joy? If you had all the time in the world, what would you do? Challenge your life and rise to do more.

9. We gotta stop playing the comparing game. Shift your focus to your life, let people live theirs on their own. No need for peeping eyes and thoughts when you have got your own problems and aspirations. I know this can be challenging, especially in the social media world but when we focus on what we are doing we stop becoming so concerned about what others are doing. We can still be there for others, praise them and wish them the best without playing the comparing game. Focus on what will help you.

10. Hang around more people who are also happy. Happiness is contagious. Meet people who are also trying to become their best selves. Start to make friends who are also happy and have a good attitude about life. Their way of life will spill onto you.

11. Build your emotional intelligence. Basically work on yourself and grow your mindset. Your emotional intelligence is about you being in control and disciplining yourself to do what you must, to achieve how you want to feel.

12. Find ways to help others. It can be your family, your closest friends or even strangers. You can even find volunteer work. Putting your energy to help others is a blessing in every way. Not only are you helping others in need but you are also fulfilling a part of you.

13. Clear away all and any clutter. This makes my soul happy, I probably do this once a month. Doing this leaves you feeling lighter and stress free. When we have open, clean space we can truly relax.

14. Stop obsessing about things you cannot control. I still do this, it’s definitely a work in progress for me. I find the better I get at letting the things out of my control go, I can then truly focus on the things that matter most. Like my happiness and those important to me.

15. Set realistic goals. Doing this will help you look towards something. Goal setting will give you a sense of purpose, hope and ultimately happiness. When you accomplish your goal, a serge of happiness fills you and goal setting then becomes addicting.

You know yourself best.

So often people think success can bring happiness but that is not necessarily true. Happiness can actually be the key to success. When you are happy, there is this connection between you and the outside world. This strength and sense of optimism that no matter what circumstances will come your way, you will keep on believing in yourself and see things through.

Many of us already know what we need to do to make ourselves happy. We can feel it. It is just a matter of getting there. Do the things that help bring healthy pleasure and eventually, you will begin to express what you want to feel. Reaching happiness is in your control.

P.S. Smiling more doesn’t hurt.

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Love, Evelyn