6 Reasons why Ambition is Important for your goals

Realism should be used as a tool to set us up for success, not an excuse to accept our current status.

Ambition Empowers

We often over look ambition or believe having too much of it is bad for our souls. When in reality it acts like fuel for the pursue of your goals and dreams. Allowing you to chase your goals without reservations. To forge ahead and fight for what you desire.

In essence that excitement you feel inside, that bubbling energy to do that one thing and accomplish it, is empowering you. And yet, feelings like fear or anxiety can cloud your mind but, if you stop and listen to it, you can find that it’s really ambition trying to pull you through.

Ambitiously Dreaming

In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ambitious people are also dreamers. Believe it or not but, they are not some stereotype with their head in the clouds, wishing for these big dreams to come true all on their own.

Oddly enough, some people think dreamers are unaware of reality, but the opposite is quite true. It’s important to realize that ambitious dreamers poses a power that help them conquer and achieve more in their lifetime than any average person ever could. The good news is that anyone can be ambitious and anyone can definitely be a dreamer.  

I don’t quite know when it happens–when it’s no longer socially acceptable to be a dreamer. Is there a magic age we haven’t heard of? It seems like just because we have aged we are now supposed to be rational, realistic and narrow minded. When, most often these are disguises for our fears and worries.

It is interesting to observe, as kids our brains are like sponges. It is new, fresh and ready to be filled. There are no limits until we are told so. From there our limiting beliefs start to settle in.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for being a realist. It is important to be aware of where we are in our lives–to know our truths and be able to work through them. Without some realism in our lives we can find ourselves constantly falling behind or making the same mistakes over and over again. Realism should be used as a tool to set us up for success, not an excuse to accept our current status. 

6 Reasons why you need ambition in your life

Reason #1: It naturally leads to attributes that lead to success. You begin to cultivate habits that help you along your journey. Success does not happen over night and attributes like creativity, discipline, persistence, determination, experience, and a hard work ethic help you stay focused and on the path to your success. Believe it or not dreamers are not delusional, lazy or lost in the clouds. They are filled with determination and persevere in any situation. These qualities help you through any challenge or obstacle and ultimately carry you through life.

REASON #2 Ambition helps you create the right mental attitude and builds character. Additionally, a dreamer is open-minded and more than willing to think outside the box to fix any situation. After all, if one door closes, it’s almost like another one magically appears and that is the power of the mind. Having the right mental attitude means you are aware of all the things that could go wrong but you chose to focus on the things that could go right. Just like what Reinhold Niebuhr said, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.”

One thing you can definitely count on in the pursue of your goals are challenges. They will test you and try to knock you down or steer you completely off course. Ultimatly, your state of mind will determine how you handle certain situations and what you will do next.

A dreamers mentality gives you just that– a way to see endless possibilities, even in the midst of doubt, frustrations or fear. As long you as you practice open-mindedness, you are lighter, open to new possibilities, suggestions, ideas and able to find new solutions.

 Reason #3: You will never settle with an ambitious soul. Hence, ambitious people are continuously reaching for excellence and they continue to reach for it until they feel completely and utterly satisfied. This can help you escape mediocrity. Accomplishment leaves us feeling capable, strong and courageous. Leaving you with a calm sense of pride. You have pushed ourselves beyond your limits, passed comfort zones and grown into who you have needed to become to accomplish your dreams. Reaching for excellence helps you set healthy standards for yourself and keeps you looking towards the future.

Reason #4: Ambition has this way of giving you an exciting life. Your days will never become boring and you will see motivation come into your life for longer periods of time.

Life becomes more enjoyable as you pursue your goals and allow your ambition to power you through. You are filled with creativity, ideas, passion, hope and ultimately happiness. It’s important to realize ambitious people don’t just stop living nor trying. If one idea didn’t pan out, then onto the next one until it does. This type of mentality brings forth gratitude and fulfillment. To be lost in your work and to be able to bring your goals to life is fulfilling. Happiness lies in the journey. In other words, the lessons learned, the mistakes made and the overall experience are just as important as accomplishing your goals.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? After all, not everything will go as planned and that is where half of the fun lies.

Reason #5 Ambition leads to a higher chance of accomplishment. For example, lets say you didn’t reach your ultimate goal and you feel like you have failed. But, I can 100% tell you with that you have grown and gone a lot farther than you thought you have. Ultimately, your mistakes and ‘failures’ build you up and when you want something bad enough you will always find a way to make it a reality. The question is, what do you truly want?  And how far are you willing to go?

Don’t let the fact that it’s getting hard or that an obstacle seems too big to conquer keep you from trying or going that one extra mile.

Reason #6: Ambition gives you clarity to fight for what you believe in. When life gets tough and it will your vision, your dream has to be able to carry you through. Ambition is like fuel, it will get you through the rough moments. Ultimately helping you develop a strong work ethic. You won’t be afraid of hard work and will never have the need to look for pointless short cuts. The clear picture that you hold in your head gives you purpose and a destination.

Don’t let your ‘fuel’ go to waste

Ambition is a great tool to use. So, don’t let it go to waste by giving up too early. In other words, anything worth while will take time to achieve. The greater the dreams the more challenges we will face. Sooner or later, we all come to realize that we tend to be our greatest obstacle. Sometimes the most simple solution is just to get out of our own way. As soon as we do, we are hooked on victory, forever setting new goals and chasing success.

Do you have a hard time cultivating ambition?

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