10 Tips to Save Money on the Things You Love!

‘Saving’ is my cardio

I have a cup that says, “Shopping is my Cardio.” That is just how much I love shopping & even more to save! Do you know that the average person burns a minimum of 165 to 220 calories PER HOUR of shopping! If you don’t believe me, google it. So, not only do I get my steps in but I’m also bringing home some pretty things and hopefully at a discount.

When my mom and I started shopping together she taught me so much about picking the right clothes with the right deals. Shopping is like a game to me now. Whenever I want a particular item, my family says it’s like I am on the hunt. I start to narrow down my search until I find what I am looking for. I definitely don’t mind splurging on a piece of clothing, especially if it is something that I have been looking for and is well worth it. Whatever your budget may be, these tips help me get the most for my money. I think we truly save when we find pieces of clothing that will last us years to come.

And come to think of it, what we decide to spend our money on says a lot about our habits, our likes and dislikes and we what find value in. So, don’t underestimate the power of shopping. It can tell you a lot about yourself.

I feel confident about the pieces I added to my closet knowing I will be wearing them for a long time. Style is a way of expressing who you are and I truly believe if you are going to spend money might as well feel confident and excited about what you brought home.

Evelyn Espinoza

10 Tips to help you save

Tip #1– pay close attention to material. The most important thing you can look at is the stitching. How well is the thread stitched? Is it going to last with each wash? We don’t want our clothing falling apart. I also make sure I like the feel of the fabric. Keep in mind that certain fabrics fade, stretch, or start to pill (pills are those fuzzball or lint balls of fibers that form on our clothing). It’s best to try to avoid pieces that can become damaged so quickly, its a major hint that the quality of the material is poor. No matter how cute the shirt, dress, or jacket is, I don’t buy it if it looks like it is going to fall apart after just a couple of washes or wears. This can literally help save you from a bad purchase.

Have you ever heard ‘time is money’. Well, I believe that to be true for fashion as well. You get more out of your money based on how long your clothing lasts. Remember, if you are going to get anything our of this post NEVER buy anything without looking at the material it may save you the most.

Tip #2 –Before buying, check how to care for the item. Do you need to hand wash it, wash in a cold cycle, or get it dry cleaned? You can save yourself a lot of money just by properly caring for your clothing. This will also help you from buying the same thing over and over again. If you don’t think you will take the time or money to properly care for it then you should probably put it back on the rack. The last thing you want to do is wash something that is meant to be dry cleaned, forever ruining a favorite piece.

Tip #3 is a no-brainer, but one I have fallen for many times. Try on the item and make sure it fits right. If it doesn’t quite fit ask yourself if you are really going to take the time to get it tailored. Sometimes it’s tempting to just buy the next size up because they don’t have your size, but if you don’t think you will get it tailored then don’t buy it. It will just end up in your closet collecting dust or you won’t feel confident wearing it. If in doubt (I tried to think of a catchy phrase but I came up blank) just put it back.

Tip #4 — Always make a list before shopping. I add anything I plan on purchasing. From purses to shoes to jewelry and clothing. Making a list helps me not only save but also from having buyers regret. I get to stay on track with my spending but it keeps my wandering eyes from buying things I don’t need.

Tip #5 Make a point to look at the things you already own. Make sure you donate what you don’t wear to clear your closet from clutter. Once you do, take a mental picture of what you have. That way you can shop for things that will match items to your closet. I always try to buy items that I can pair with other things I own, thus create an entire new outfit from the other items I already own. Plus, this will also help you from not buying so many familiar things. We are creatures of habit, we gravitate towards the things we like; which means we also tend to buy similar things. In order to stop ourselves from doing this, we need to take a good look at the things we already own.

Tip #6 –keep your style in mind. I do this all the time when I see something cute on social media and I want to buy it. When I try it on, it just doesn’t seem like me. This ties into the next tip.

Tip #7 –When something is trending be aware! Trends are great and fun to try, but often not worth spending lots of money on. Especially if it’s something that may not be in style a year later or it’s something you normally wouldn’t wear. It’s great to try different things, but you have got to make sure you still feel comfortable & confident in it. It’s important you stay true to you no matter what trend is popping.

Tip #8– I know it can always be daunting to bounce into that giant, messy pile of clothing. But, always check the sale section! It may be a hassle to dig through, but sometimes you can find something sweet. Beware! Make sure you are not buying it just because it is on sale. Make sure you like it and the quality is to your liking.

Tip #9 –Check brand names. When you are looking to buy a certain item make sure you ask yourself if you are just buying it because of the brand or because you actually like the item? If that piece of clothing wasn’t that particular name brand would you still buy it? If the answer is yes then take it home!!! You are not just spending extra money on a name. Keep in mind the material and fabrication could be of greater quality thus it costs more. Make sure to even double check the material of name brand items because sometimes their quality does not match their reputation. If you find the item you are looking for but it’s not a name brand that doesn’t mean their quality is not top notch. You could end up saving quite a bit between a name brand and non name brand piece.

Tip #10. Compare prices. Don’t be afraid to shop around or check online. See what places are selling the style you want and check their prices. Sometimes you will find yourself save more an just a few dollars. If you check online, make sure you check what the material is made of–sometimes some pieces of clothing are cheaper for a reason.

What does saving really look like?

Saving isn’t always about price, but about the quality and value of that item. It’s so easy to just look at the price tag or at the receipt and see how much you have ‘saved’. But, that number is not as important as the number of how much you spent. Do you feel like you got value for what you paid for?

Which is why these tips are so helpful. They will help you determine if the sale price was worth it. It is all about the value you add to the price you pay. Of course I am not here to tell you not to buy something. As long as you are aware and happy with your choice that is all that matters.

These steps have become habits in my life and because of them I leave the stores with no regret or worse repeat pieces! I feel confident about the pieces I add to my closet knowing I will be wearing them for a long time. I try to build my closet as a representation of who I am. Style is a way of expressing who you are and I truly believe if you are going to spend money might as well feel confident and excited about what you brought home.

In the comments let me know what your favorite store is? Mine is currently Abercrombie & Fitch, along with H&M and Zara, I feel like these places offer great sale options for the quality you receive. (You can shop some of my favorites on the ‘shop my picks’ page).

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