Tips on incorporating new habits

The correlation between habits and our mentality

Our mentality is unique to each of us. It is the way we think, solve problems and how we accomplish tasks and goals. Although, there is so much more besides logic and reasoning to our mentality, it is intertwined with our emotions and everyday feelings. Our lifestyle is an indication of our mentality. Everything we have done has gotten us to the point we are now. So, whenever we are ready to make a change in our lives we prepare and do all the right steps but, we always neglect a very important step.

Cultivating our habits.

Our habits are a huge part of us. They are so intertwined into who we are that we don’t even become aware of them until someone points them out. They are a part of our subconscious and they dictate what we do and how we live our life. When we are trying to accomplish something new our habits tend to set the pace. Unfortunately our own habits tend to be the obstacles preventing us from moving forward.

Our habits dictate our way of living

Take a look at your habits. What do you desire to change. How are you using your time? Habits are pesky little things to break and can be even harder to develop if you don’t find it interesting enough. As you probably guessed, it all comes back to mentality.

My biggest struggles have been sleep and TV at night. I tend to sleep in way too much and way too often. Don’t even get me started on TV. I hardly watch television during the day but, when it is time for me to wind down I find myself itching to watch a 2 hour movie at 11pm. These are 2 habits that seem to hold too much power over me and I am dying to conquer them. So, instead of just saying my goal is to wake up at 9am every morning I need to take a good look at my habits. Like, I use way too much screen time at night preventing me from falling asleep earlier. Instead of watching movies late at night I can switch to watching an episode which will help me get to bed earlier. Ultimately helping me wake up earlier and refreshed.

Yet, all of that means nothing if I am not able to instill some more important habits like commitment, discipline or sacrifice.

Discipline is a strict teacher, one who teaches you can achieve more if you keep going.

Evelyn Espinoza

Breaking and building habits is all about our will power. How bad do we want it? What are we willing to do? And the big one, why do we want it? It takes motivation even when there is none to keep going until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Take a good look at your habits along with your goals and see what you are willing to do to make them a reality. It may be time to rethink some priorities.

6 Tips on how to incorporate long lasting habits

To make change we need to reevaluate our thoughts. All to often we want our desired change to happen quick and overnight. And when this doesn’t happen we start to beat ourselves with a mental stick because we don’t see any development. Let me tell you, worthwhile change is not quick and it definitely does not happen overnight. It takes time, patience, work and lots of prayer. I do have a possible solution that can help bring forth change– it is not magical or anything wondrous, but it is mighty simple and easy to do.

It’s called READING. I know, I know its nothing extraordinary and I know I have written it a million times but it is one of the best things for us. Which is why it is TIP #1. Read something that gives you many “a-ha!” moments. Books that give you a sudden burst of energy! We probably don’t read enough, therefore we aren’t changing and thinking enough. When we put our minds to good use many great ideas can come about– we start to become better friends, daughters and sons. We start to collaborate and create. This is where we start to see change. As we move forward we start to see the joy, the love, the passion take form and we are just so much happier for it. When we are fueled by motivation, the discipline it takes to form our habits become easier.

With passion comes motivation.

Evelyn Espinoza

Which leads to TIP #2, mental blinders! Don’t worry about what other people are doing or not doing. Focus on moving forward. I have found whenever I am about to embark on a new habit everything becomes a distraction. All of a sudden it seems like I am in tune to what everyone is doing. In a sense, mind your own business. How can you be focused on making lasting change for yourself if you are constantly trying to live in someone else’s shoes? Each individual on this earth has their own obstacles and struggles. The more we focus on our own, the better we can conquer them.

TIP #3, start small and easy. Don’t just stop or start something cold turkey. Take baby steps and be easy on yourself. Like they say, Rome wasn’t build in a day. Set small challenges or tasks for yourself everyday and reward yourself for them. Over time it will become easier and more enjoyable. This will help you start to incorporate an entire new habit into your life without feeling overwhelmed.

TIP #4, start switching out your habits. Once your feel more comfortable taking on smaller habits or challenges start making that switch. Start to do the habit you want every single day. It will no longer be something you did now and then, it’s now a way of life. For example, when I brought my dog, Milo home I was so unprepared. Up to that point I only had little Rocky and we had our own schedule and way of life. When Milo entered our life lets just say I needed to acquire some new habits and quickly. So, we started small. Everyday we would play in the backyard, then we would start going on walks, and now we go on bike rides. It was definitely a process. There where many many times when I did not want to play or take him out but I knew if I wanted this to become easier and a way of life for us, we had to do it everyday.

TIP #5, use your pent up frustration. I don’t know about you but sometimes I just get fed up with trying. I try and fail and it is like I am on this never ending loop. So, instead of giving up I use that energy for good. Instead of feeling ashamed or guilty for not following through, I want you to get frustrated and maybe a little angry. Let it fuel you to get what you want done. I like to look at it like there has been an injustice. Someone has stolen my capabilities to follow through and I must accomplish it. I know it seems a tad silly but you have no idea how many countless times it has worked on me. Whenever I wouldn’t feel like working out or making a home cooked meal I would simply get frustrated. I would put my foot down and do what needed to get done because I’ll be damned if I allow myself to rob me of what I am capable of. Use frustration for good.

TIP #6, rely on your why. One of the biggest reasons we don’t follow through is because we allow old comfortable habits dictate what we should do. We are programmed based on old emotions that leave us feeling good. So, questions your emotions. Yes, you might feel tired, stressed, unhappy and so on but question those emotions. Give yourself a pep talk, remind yourself of your WHY. Why do you want to make a change? Why did you start in the first place? Squander those temporary emotions because all they are trying to do is keep you comfortable.

Many of our life problems can be solved simply with a change of perspective. A change of perspective comes with a change in mindset. And the way to change a mindset is by switching out the bad habits for helpful ones and incorporating new information.

In itself, each mind is an entire world. Change your perspective, change the world.

Evelyn Espinoza

So, remember, when you find yourself wanting to accomplish something new and change is needed, start with your habits. Most goals and successes are found when we make a small change in the way we think.

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