Holiday fun: COVID addition

I realize covid and many other events in this 2020 year have all of us going through a loop in every aspect of our lives. Now, the holidays are here and if you are anything like me I always dive into the holiday cheer. You can find me decorating, cooking, baking, watching Christmas movies with the fire going. I indulge in the sweet holiday season that I believe is way too short. I don’t know about you but I find myself desperately needing the holiday season more than ever. So much has happened despite the restrictions of quarantine. It’s like all the things that I had planned for 2020 just flew out the door and the things that needed to happen or not happen in my life did. 

Anyway you don’t need to read about how this pandemic has greatly changed all of our lives when you already know and instead I am going to give you 20 awesome ideas to keep the holiday spirit alive despite COVID lurking. 

Obviously I picked things we can do despite COVID. Please as a disclaimer if you don’t feel comfortable doing these or if you are sick there is no need to force yourself. Stay home and take the time to relax. It is still our job to wear our face masks and keep a distance of 6 ft apart. I know shops are getting busier and fuller and I see a lot of people totally dismiss the 6ft apart distance and it is there for a reason. It’s not there to just keep others safe but yourself as well. Remember to be courteous, not everyone feels comfortable with close proximity. If there is a crowded area I tend to move to the side to let people pass. That way I am not in their personal space and they are not in mine and with that said here is the holiday list. 

  1. Gift Exchanges are fun with family & friends. We did this a few years back and we had to guess who our Secret Santa was. It added that extra suspense and excitement into our gift giving. 
  2. Build a basket of favorites. This can be as simple as building a gift basket or you can give it some extra spice and do it as a group. Together you can meet up at a store and time yourselves as you build a basket for a member of the group. 
  3. Write and send letters to your family and friends. Obviously we now have access to video chats and instant messaging but no one sends letters out anymore and this can be something unique to spread some love and happiness. We all love to receive mail and this is a great way to tell someone you are thinking of them. This will definitely help you feel the Christmas cheer. 
  4. Go visit an orchard. Apple picking is the new Christmas rage! Make sure to Instagram it. 
  5. Go for a hike. Go check out some new trails or climb a mountain to see the perfect sunrise or sunset. 
  6. Let it snow! Take a trip to see the snow and have some holiday fun. 
  7. Take a secluded road trip (with those within your household or with family and friends who have dedicated themselves to quarantine for the trip). Go visit a new beach or have some desert fun. Take the time to be in nature. 
  8. Donate food. If you feel comfortable even volunteer your time to help those less fortunate. 
  9. Shop at new locations. We tend to visit the same shops and malls but if you venture out a bit you will find many stores have different ambiances and sometimes even different things available. Especially during the holiday season all the shops are garnished and it’s such a nice experience to see all the different decor.
  10. Go all out on decorating your home. I mean hang lights everywhere and really put the time and effort into beautifying your home. If you are going to stay in it more often might as well enjoy it, right?
  11. Take some holiday photos and send printed ones to your loved ones. This means decorate, get dressed up and take some jolly photos. 
  12. Organize the ultimate game night. Pull out all the board games, card games and even the drinking ones! Just for the heck of it create a new one! Make sure it is the ultimate game night ever. 
  13. Visit unique towns and shops. Small businesses are suffering the most because of the pandemic so taking the time to visit and indulge in their holiday embellishes is a fun, peaceful and unique way to relish the holiday season. 
  14. Cook or bake something different. This is a fun way to not only learn something new but also try something new. 
  15. Create a holiday experience with your family or household. This year my household and I have planned a trip to Big Bear. We are taking a 3 day holiday vacay and staying in this beautiful isolated cabin with the dogs. We are going to sleep, eat, play and watch movies to our hearts content. This is a safe and wonderful way to build new memories  and experience some holiday fun. Just make sure that you pick a place that isn’t overly crowded, try to steer clear of major cities. 
  16. Be a tourist in your own home. Venture out a bit and find things you have yet to do in your hometown. This is something we try to do every month and it never fails to keep our spirits high. 
  17. Host a small outdoor gathering. When I mean small maybe 6 people max. As long as you take the proper precautions everyone should feel safe and welcome. Remember only do this if everyone in the group has also been following guidelines. 
  18. Do a holiday lights tour. Find the best neighborhoods near you and pack up your car with snacks, hot cocoa and play some Christmas music to go see some awesome Christmas decor. Don’t forget to bring your pets along for the ride.   
  19. Learn to make homemade bread. Not only does your home end up smelling amazing but you get to eat it too. 
  20. Lastly, savor the season. Relish in all the Christmas traditions. Watch those corny movies, get the fireplace going, make dessert and eat it all in your Christmas pajamas. I think with the year we have had this is something we should do.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas and remember there is so much more to the spirit of Christmas than gift giving. It is about giving our love, time, attention, patience and so much more. You will find covid cannot destroy the spirit of holidays when we focus on what truly matters. 

Let me know which ones you definitely plan on doing!

Happy Holiday and don’t forget to follow for more. 

Until next time,