5 Reasons you should be a Dreamer

Realism should be used as a tool to set us up for success, not an excuse to accept our current status.

Whenever someone is described as a dreamer, they are perceived to have their head in the clouds- living in a fantasy world. People tend to use this word with a negative context–almost like an insult. All this does is make the other person lose trust in you with their thoughts and plans. In their mind you become like an oppressor, hammering down on their creative, imaginative mind. 

I’ve been called a dreamer many times, as well as other people I know. We all tend to do the same thing, we smile and nod and try to change the subject. We feel like we have just been insulted and like we should feel ashamed of ourselves. Over time, I have learned to accept myself and realized no one can make me feel this way without my consent. I have learned to appreciate this part of me and use it to push myself forward in life. I hope after you are done reading this post you also fall in love with your dreamer self.

I don’t quite know when it happens–when is it no longer socially acceptable to be a dreamer. Is there a magic age we haven’t heard of? It seems like just because we have aged and we look older we are now supposed to be rational, realistic and narrow minded. Most often these are disguises for our fears and worries.

It is interesting to observe, as kids our brains are like sponges. It is new, fresh and ready to be filled. There are no limits until we are told so. From there our limiting beliefs start to settle in.

I am all for being a realistic adult- it is important to be aware of where we are in our lives–to know our truths and be able to work through them. Without some realism in our lives we can find ourselves constantly falling behind or making the same mistakes over and over again. Realism should be used as a tool to set us up for success, not an excuse to accept our current status. 

Reason #1

Being a dreamer means your possibilities are endless, nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible. There will always be a way if you have the will. A dreamers mentality gives you just that– a way to see endless possibilities, even in the midst of doubt, frustrations or fear. 

Not everything works out the way you thought it would, but a dreamer doesn’t just stop. They don’t throw in the towel just because what they planned for didn’t happen exactly as it should. Instead, they look at what they can work with to make it happen. It’s as if they are able to create possibilities out of thin air. 

Which leads to REASON #2, A dreamer is open-minded. If one door closes, another almost magically appears. A dreamer automatically knows it will work out, despite all the bumps and obstacles in view. Of course there will always be bumps in life and unforeseen situations that will steer us in different directions but, someone who is open-minded recognizes the importance of acceptance and change. Just like Reinhold Niebuhr said, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference.” We realize not everything will be perfect but a dreamer believes not only in themselves but in their higher power. 

When you practice open-mindedness you are lighter, open to new possibilities, suggestions, ideas and able to find new solutions. When we are closed-minded or even narrow-minded it is difficult to move forward and we begin to feel stuck.

Reason #3

As a dreamer you are creative in so many ways. You are not only inspired but also inspiring. Creativity means there are no strict rules and you are always willing to get a little dirty when necessary. You can do and bend anything to your will simply because you are the creator. Creativity is just that–you create your reality. Which means as a dreamer your realities are only limited by you.

Reason #4

You enjoy life more. You are filled with creativity, amazing ideas, passion, hope and ultimately happiness. Dreamers don’t just stop living. They don’t stop trying. If one way didn’t work then onto the next idea until it does. This type of mentality brings forth gratitude and fulfillment. To be lost in your ideas and work to bring them to life is fulfilling and a huge accomplishment. A dreamer realized that happiness lies in the journey. It is not always just about winning and gaining the end result, it is also about the lessons learned, the mistakes made and the overall experience.

Believe it or not dreamers are not delusional, lazy or lost in the clouds. The true dreamers are determined and persevere in any situation. They see their dreams, their goals crystal clear. Again, not everything will go as planned, dreamers realize that but what goes wrong is never the focus. There will always be mistakes made but when the dream is there, when that vision is unwavering there is a strength and momentum that develops and it ultimately leads to success. Reason #5, dreamers have a higher chance of accomplishment. When you want something bad enough you will always find a way to make it a reality. The question is, what do you truly want? 

If you still think a dreamer is just a delusional adult who needs to ‘open’ their eyes and wake up, tell me, without a dream or a true goal what are you striving for? What are you trying to accomplish in this life of yours? A dreamer can answer that for you in a heartbeat. 

Without a dream or goal there is nothing to strive for– much less accomplish. We are just wandering around hoping something will happen. A dreamer might not know all the facts or know each next step but they do have the vision. Along with the will to bring it into reality. Without that idea there would be nothing to create in the first place. 

If you don’t know what your dream is or if you have lost it along the way, it’s okay. There is time to find that spark in you. All you have to do is a little bit of soul searching and experimenting. 

Tell me in the comments, what is your biggest, scariest dream?

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