4 Simple Steps to Follow Through

Accomplishing our goals is not a perfect journey. There will be some habits we need to build and others we need to let go off in order to see any changes. 

We are still in the beginning of the year and I don’t know about you but I feel like a lot has happened already. It was only 8 weeks ago that we set our New Year resolutions. It’s about this time that most of us start to slow down and become ‘busy’ with other things. The thing about life is that there is always something that comes up. Our goals get pushed to a later date because we keep changing our priorities; when we should be focused on creating a balance that works for each of us.

When it seems like we are getting too busy or we find ourselves procrastinating, it’s important to remember these simple steps to push through. Accomplishing our goals is not a perfect journey. There will be some habits we need to build and others we need to let go off in order to see any changes. 

Following through helps you strengthen your relationships, your work life, your personal accountability and your mental, emotional & financial state. Following through to the best of your ability helps you become reliable, responsible and self disciplined. When you do this, you are able to reach your goals faster, therefore accomplishing more in less time. 

The ability to get things done no matter what gives you so much power. This helps us maintain our independence and self-confidence. 

Sometimes we may need help and rely on others, so it’s just as important to recognize that we don’t need to do all the work ourselves. Replying on the right people to contribute helps strengthen our work and shows we are great team players. If the other people around you have no follow through capabilities, that is not something you need to worry about. You are still able to complete your tasks with or without other people.

Now let’s get to it, Step number one! 

Set dates and be realistic. Look at your schedule and your responsibilities, how much time can you give to your projects and goals. Be realistic, don’t try to force a certain time frame if it’s just going to set you up for failure. Yes, you want to push yourself but you don’t want to force yourself either. This just stresses you out and mentally drains you. The next time you try to reach a goal you will just remember how stressful and tired you felt. When setting a time frame you want to make sure all your other non-negotiable responsibilities do not fall through the cracks. Chasing your goals should be fun, excitable and yes a bit stressful but never overwhelming. 

Step number two!

Set a reward system. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Just starting out, I recommend setting a daily reward system. If you finish certain tasks aligned with your goals then have something planned for the end of the night. It could be indulging yourself with some food and wine or even a movie night. It really depends on you and what you enjoy doing. The more enticing your reward is, the more you are going to want to get things done. This is going to help you get moving. Be careful not to abuse this. You need to be fair and make sure you are making progress. If you didn’t do anything to follow through then you shouldn’t be rewarding yourself with that cup of coffee or glass of wine.  

Step number three!

Tell people you look up to your plan. Don’t just tell anyone. Tell someone you respect or you know won’t forget what you told them. Whenever you see their face it should be a reminder to what you promised yourself. This is a great way to keep yourself accountable no matter what! I’ve learned this only works if you admire this person or really enjoy their company. If you just tell your coworker or a friend you hardly see then the effect is not the same. 

Step number four! 

Make an emotional connection to anything you need to do to accomplish your goals. Trust me!! This makes the hard parts of what needs to get done so much easier! For example, let’s say you just started to build your business and one of the things you hate doing are the finances. Make a positive, emotional connection to completing your finances weekly. Add something fun or enjoyable you ONLY get to do WHILE you work on your finances. This will not only help you get started but also help you complete the daunting tasks at hand.

These four steps will make a giant difference in following through with any goals or projects. You just need to want it enough. These steps won’t do themselves. You have to apply them and once things are flowing, it’s truly one of the best and funnest times. You are able to enjoy all the hard work you have done and ride the momentum. Do these steps consistently and you will see the difference in 60 days. 

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