How travel is connected to a positive lifestyle

In my opinion, travel is the best way to add positivity and confidence in your life. There are so many things we can do daily to help build our positive lifestyle, but I haven’t experienced anything quite like travelling. It’s like an investment to yourself, the benefits are ever lasting. I try to travel at least 3 times a year and boy is it addicting! The moment you get back home you are already thinking about where you want to go next. I am aware that travel can become a bit expensive but it is so worth the time and money if you travel at least once a year. There are so many tips on how to travel low cost and on a budget. It is totally doable (I will write a post about what tips have worked for me on a later date). 

Since we have just started the new year and if you haven’t really given it a second thought–I would add travel to your 2020 goals. 

I am about to give you 11 amazingly, sound reasons as to why travel has to be an important part of your life. I know it can be hard to travel, especially if you have health, family, time or financial obstacles. Trust me, I’ve been there myself when at one point I didn’t even have enough cash to buy myself a cup of coffee! Since then I have made it a life-long goal to avoid falling back into that kind of situation by implementing new habits. The moment I could, I started to do things that were beneficial for my well-being. Maybe, because of your life situations, travel is not on the list of goals but it definitely should be for the beginning of 2021. 


Disrupt your daily routine of purpose! This is so important to do. Even if it isn’t to travel, it is important to do so because we are creatures of habit. When we become so focused on doing the same thing over and over again we can find ourselves becoming bored, overwhelmed or unmotivated. When we try something new, not only do we experience something entertaining and exciting but we are stimulating our brain to think outside the box. We are retaining new information and expanding our mentality.  


Experience real-life education. There is so much to learn from other people and places and the more we get out to see and experience these things, the more we learn. Ignorance keeps us from moving forward–travel allows us to break through those limitations and gain real life experiences that we can apply. This is the best way to gain some wisdom. 


Create new memories. New, positive memories helps us relate to people and make for amazing stories. Plus, when life gets hard we can always recall our memories and use them to inspire happiness and remind us that better times are not far away.   


Lower stress & anxiety. Who is kidding most of us suffer from this and it’s difficult to overcome, especially if certain people or situations keep trying to show you what you are made of. When we travel we are able to escape from many of our stresses and anxieties and enjoy the moment. Not only that but the excitement from exploring a new place releases certain chemicals that make us feel happy and alive. Plus, the less stress we experience, the longer we live.  


Helps you appreciate your life more & experience gratitude. This helps you appreciate your opportunities. It doesn’t matter if people live a better or worse life than us, seeing how other people live helps us gain perspective about our own. We all experience different hardships and successes, this proves that people are not perfect. We are flawed and all dealt with a different hand. 


Improves your creativity. Getting out and about, somewhere new and different helps us view our surroundings with different lenses and changes our perspective. When we travel we experience different challenges or situations and in order to solve these we often have to get creative. Creativity is all about expanding our mind and seeing a situation through different angles. When we change our perspective we are making room for growth.


Gives you the opportunity to self-reflect. Whenever I feel like I am in a rut or feeling mentally blocked getting out of the house and trying something new helps clear my mind and give me clarity. When you travel you are giving yourself the time to pause and ask yourself questions. You let your mind wander and find solutions to any questions or problems you are facing.  


Gain new friends & build new bonds. Relationships help you feel emotionally and physically whole. You are able to communicate and express yourself with people who share similar likes and stories. All this helps you feel connected and heard.  


Experience new cultures and learn about the people, their histories & habits. This just opens your eyes to a whole new world and restores your faith in humanity. You realize that your world is not the only one and it’s bigger than you think.


Try different, amazing food!! This is pretty self explanatory. Food is life!


Travel helps you move forward in every part of your life. Travel is a great tool to use for goal setting. Not only does travel help you become better at organization, commitment and at making plans but, you can use it to reward yourself after accomplishing your goals. This is a wonderful way to help you learn how to save or make more money as well. Not only does it help you emotionally and mentally but when used correctly, financially as well. 

I have now given you 11 AMAZING REASONS why you should travel more. Travel really is a wonderful gift we are all capable of doing, so next time you find yourself thinking you don’t have the time or money remember at least one of these benefits. Tell me in the comments, where is 1 destination you have been dying to visit???

Until next time,