How to get out of a funk- as quickly as possible

It’s a brand new spanken year! Based on the title you might be asking me, why are we already talking about getting out of a funk. I am still hyped from the new year starting. I am feeling motivated and ready to go!!! Yes, we may be feeling good and pretty unstoppable but just like any high there is bound to be a low. I am not writing this to put a damper on your mood. Keep riding that high and take advantage of it! I want to focus on how we can get back to that same momentum of motivation when we slow down. It is inevitable and completely normal. The last thing we want to do is work hard, live the fast life, feel good all the time only to end up tired, depressed, sad or bored. Once we fall into this slump, it’s a major struggle to get out. The longer we stay in this slump, the harder it gets to overcome it. I’ve been there (too many times) and I’m sure you have to. 

I heard this at an event (don’t remember who) and he explained we all go through ups and downs in life. In our low moments image standing in a field of all this ugly, messy, smelly crap flying all around you. The last thing you want to do is just stand there. The longer you stand there paralyzed in self-pity, the more it will cling to you. The faster you work towards getting out, the less stink you will have on you. In a nutshell, we are going to talk about how to recover faster from our funk. The longer we stay depressed, sad or angry, not only are we damaging ourselves but also affecting the people around us with our yucky attitude.   

When we feel unmotivated and maybe even depressed we tune in to all the negative lies we tell ourselves. This starts to become our focus and we begin to believe the loud screaming voices that tell us we are not good enough. The longer we listen to these thoughts the faster our self-esteem drops. We start to feel bad about ourselves and start to do everything possible to hide these emotions. We pretend everything is alright instead of working through the problem. We end up wasting all this energy trying to prove to ourselves and the people around us that we are doing perfectly fine when we should sit down and take a moment to listen

Instead of trying to push these hurtful emotions away we can get down to business and REALLY listen to these destructive thoughts. We are not doing this to succumb to these negative lies, we are doing this to learn from them. What are they telling you? What brings these specific thoughts and emotions to surface? I truly believe by listening to these we can uncover so many truths and conquer many limiting beliefs.  

 Remember, our limited beliefs are only as strong as to how often we feed them. When we take the time to be proactive and work through these mental limitations we are able to squander any excuses or lies. Taking the time to express our emotions helps us work through any shame, guilt or frustrations we are harboring to make room for growth. 

Negative emotions and thoughts hinder us from who we want to be and what we want to accomplish. There is always, this small quiet voice that is telling us we can, that we are capable and that there is a way. Remember, this small voice is you! This is hope you are holding onto and the reason it’s there is because a part of you knows all that negative self-talk is a bunch of BS! 

So, good news! There are ways for you to make that small, hopeful voice louder and stronger. There is a way to switch your mentality and make positivity, hope and motivational energy your primary thought process. 

Here are my 10 steps you can try. You don’t have to do them all. Just try 1 or 2 at a time and see how you start to feel. If you try to take them on all at once it will only lead to disappointment. Our brains are only able to focus on 1 thing at a given time. If we try to implement 2, 3, 4 or even 5 new habits we will feel overwhelmed. These steps are to help you get moving mentally, emotionally and even physically. 

Step 1: Go back to your BASICS. Whatever your goals are, go back to your action plan. What are the steps you are supposed to be doing daily, weekly and monthly. So often we fall off track or forget about it–go back to your plan and start again. If you need to, revise it. How can you make conquering your goal easier, better and faster to achieve. 

Step 2: Read, like A LOT. Find the material that can help you expand your mentality and look at your process with a different perspective.

Step 3: Get out of the house. Work doesn’t count! Get out and do something. Go for a walk or get some food. Do something that allows you to interact with people (even if it’s just ordering your coffee at Starbucks). Doing this automatically helps you feel connected to others and the world in general. Staying home, trapped in your mind leaves you feeling lonely. Getting out and about clears your head and helps you realize your world is bigger than you think.   

Step 4: Get ready (even if you are not leaving the house). If you reaaalllyy don’t feel like leaving the house then still get up and get ready. Shower, do your hair and get dressed. Doing this will help you feel good about yourself and might lead to getting other things done.  

Step 5: Eat, awesome delicious food! Food that awakens your soul! Eating sad, boring or unhealthy food does nothing to help us feel good. When we eat healthy food filled with flavor there is no way to contain your joy! Take the time to try some new restaurants or cook some yummy dishes. Food is really good for the soul!

Step 6: Watch something funny! Don’t underestimate comedy. 

Step 7: Get your butt moving! Workout, stretch or play with your pet. Do something active and get those endorphins going.  

Step 8: Time for errands! There is always an errand that we enjoy and one we reeeaaallly dislike doing. Start doing your favorite errand and watch yourself get more and more done. It’s called the power of getting started.  

Step 9: Write out your thoughts. If you like to write then do this more often. Whenever you feel a wave of sadness, negative thoughts or even anxiety write about it. Let it out and see if there is any truth to those thoughts or if they are originating from a place of fear and unknown.  

Step 10: Do something you WANT to do! Many of us go so long without putting our needs or wants first. We put other people, errands or work first and before we know it we feel overwhelmed, frustrated and probably a tad angry. What we need is just as important. Based on my experiences, I’ve learned that making my needs a priority helps my well-being. I feel refreshed, clear minded and full of energy when I do the things that help me feel at my best.

Whatever stage you are at just know you are capable of change and growth. These steps will help you get out of any funk you are in. It may take a few weeks or a couple of months but there will come a time where you don’t feel a heaviness to you. Before you know it the small changes you have been applying will have gotten you further along your journey in less time. 

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