My go-to Travel Workouts

“Traveling is fun and exciting but it is important to care for your body along the way.” 

Thanksgiving just passed! Now Christmas is upon us!! With all the holidays we are on the road a lot more. Whether traveling by car or plane, it’s hard on our body. When you travel you experience high levels of stress and anticipation. You can create many shoulder and back pains if you are sitting in the wrong position. You experience pressure, temperature and oxygen level changes. Not only are you susceptible to motion sickness but because of any pressure change there is stress on your ears and belly. Let’s not forget to mention dehydration. With all this and more going on in our body, it’s soooo important to not only drink lots of water and get enough rest but to workout! 

I don’t know about you, when I travel I never seem to give myself 30 minutes or an hour of time for a complete workout. I’m out exploring and eating!! Although, I have learned it is important to make time to get my body moving. Now, I make time throughout my travels to get at least a light workout in. 

Below I am going to share my routine for throughout the day. It isn’t much, but it is enough for me to feel the effects. 

In the morning I start with some basic stretches. Like reaching for my toes, extending my arms and legs and work through my torso. After this I drink some water to start my day. 

Throughout my day I like to eat lots of fruit that is good for de-bloating, like blueberries, pineapple and bananas. When you travel to different places, there might be some foods you are not accustomed too, plus any pressure changes may cause minor bloating and gas. The more fruit you eat, the better you are protected from catching a cold (which can happen when you are close to so many people in a new place and with high stress levels). Whenever I find myself standing around or waiting, I like to do low impact exercises that do not disturb others. Like, lunges, squats, slow high-knee rises, and side and back flutter kicks. These slow movements help you retain energy and help you feel less stressed. 

As it gets closer to bed time I like to take 15 minutes to get a light exercise in. 

Here are some photos of what I do and what they help with. Whether you workout often or not, you can fit these into your busy itinerary.  


Targets back, chest & glutes


Targets back, chest & glutes

Bridge Pose

Targets chest, hip flexors, abs

Locust w/jumping jacks

Targets arms, back & glutes

Dolphin Plank Pose

Targets arms, chest & abs

Cat Pose

Targets back, chest & hips

Upward Facing Dog Pose

Targets back, chest, glutes, hip flexors & arms

Extended Side Angle Pose

Targets abs, chest & hips

To get my heart rate up

Doing all these take about 15-20 minutes depending how many reps you decide to do. These help relieve any tightness in your body, helping you feel relaxed and flexible. 

After working through the poses, it is time to speed up our heart rate! We want to release some of those good chemicals called endorphins. This will help get our blood moving, will help us feel good by relieving any stress, help us sweat out any toxins in our body and help us sleep better. 

Depending on where you are staying, if you can make noise without disturbing those below you,  then add the jump to those exercises. 

Doing these help you feel free and energized. 

Traveling is fun and exciting but it is important to care for your body along the way. 

When I wouldn’t make time to workout and I ate heavy, greasy food I would feel groggy, tired and bloated. By the end of the vacation, I found myself feeling moody and wanting to take a nap. Don’t get me wrong, I would still have a wonderful time, but there would be this low lingering energy around. It felt like I needed another vacation to do nothing! 

Just taking these small moments out of our day makes a HUGE difference. Especially when you are out and about experiencing something new. Everything is so fast paced that you don’t feel the effects it has on your body until after.  

I hope you apply these exercises and they help you feel ready to conquer your day wherever you are at!

I hope you have happy and safe travels!!

Until next time,