Why you shouldn’t Underestimate Positivity

If I no longer decide to be positive, what is my alternative?

‘What you think, you become.’ Our thoughts, our consciousness and actions are what makes us who we are. It leads to what we say, to our actions and perspective of the world. Which is why positivity is so important. 

There has been this misconception that to live a positive lifestyle you need to be happy all the time. This is not true and very unrealistic. One day we are happy, the next sad or frustrated. We have so many emotions for different day to day situations. If you are trying to be happy all the time, I am sorry to inform you, you will be disappointed. 

We are the product of our emotional consciousness. Even though we go through so many emotions in a day, we still have the power to control them. A positive lifestyle is about the actions and attitude you decide each day to help you and those around you feel good. Who doesn’t want to feel good? The only person you can control is yourself, thus the decision to be positive is in our control. So, when we feel moody, angry or frustrated, it is in those moments that our attitude is defined. I know, we have all been in those moments when we lash out on someone. This does not instantly make us a bad person. What it does is make people look at us differently. When we have the courage to apologize and do better, then that is someone people can respect.

Deciding to live a positive lifestyle is not something that happens overnight. It is a journey with it’s own twists and turns. What tends to happen when we start this journey is we try to tuck away all the negativity and unworked feelings we are harboring. Hoping, the next day we will be feeling happy, light and full of positivity. This is an automatic response. What tends to actually happen is NOTHING. We find ourselves still struggling and awfly moody. So many of us give up because we thought it would be a quick change. If we just stick it out a bit longer and start letting go of self-doubt, worries, fears and so on we start to lift our self-esteem. We begin to stand taller, smile more, look calmer and happier. When we feel happy with ourselves, we no longer need to look towards others for their acceptance. 

I’ve met my fair share of negative people who have given me a hard time for my positive attitude. I’ve learned that these people have a hard time understanding how I’ve ‘survived’ in this world. They are so sure because I am positive I must be naive, unrealistic or sheltered. 

If I no longer decide to be positive, what is my alternative? 

Ask yourself that next time someone decides to comment on your new positive attitude. 

A positive and confident person feels secure enough to help others as they continue their journey. They don’t feel like they are losing. 

When we become stuck in our ways, filled with anger, resentment or frustration we tend to fall into this victim mentality. When we are positive we are able to recover from this mentality faster. It doesn’t matter if you are positive or negative- life situations always occur. We all fall into self-pity but a positive person turns it around and thinks, ‘this is a situation that I don’t want to be in, it will pass and I will become stronger from it. I will do my best to lift myself and those around me up.’ 

I know it can be hard to believe, especially when life has got you knocked down. It can be hard to see all the good your life has to offer. Anything can be beautiful with a CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE. There is always something to gain or learn from a person or experience. You just have to look for it. 

Below I have listed 8 tips to help you get started on your positive lifestyle journey. 

  1. Reading and listening to music are both great ways to cleanse our minds. Reading not only helps change our perspective for the better but also encourages us to do better. Listening to your favorite jams helps you get into a better mood and can be a powerful tool to motivate you. 
  2. Keep a healthy balance between solitude and sociability that best fits your needs. It’s important to be social and hang out with people who help you feel good but it is just as important to spend some time just for yourself. To self-meditate and reflect. To be away from so much noise and enjoy your company. 
  3. Workout for 10 min or more. Exercising literally improves your mood by releasing endorphins. The more you get your heart beat going the less stress and anxiety you will feel. 
  4. Write down every morning or night, what you are grateful for. This will help you keep a positive and giving attitude. When we recognize the big and small blessing we have in our life, all the other problems don’t seem as overwhelming. We are able to focus and conquer any problems with determination and the right attitude guiding us. 
  5. Pause before you speak. A lot of people say things they don’t mean or don’t realize the effect it has on other people. Instead of biting back, take a deep breathe and ask yourself if it is worth losing your peace and happiness over. Saying the wrong thing won’t just make the other person feel bad, but you as well. Before you say something you might regret think about whether or not it will help the situation. 
  6. Laugh more. Watch funny movies or videos. Hang out with some awesome, funny people. Enjoy life and you will see how lighter you feel. 
  7. Do something everyday for yourself. This can be to go to the beach or get a haircut. Whatever you like to do, make sure you fit some time in for that. The more you show yourself that you appreciate and love who you are, the happier you will feel. Plus, this helps release any stress.
  8. Decide every morning to try again. Not everyday is going to be smooth riding. When we you first wake up, decide you will try again. Decide to be positive no matter what comes your way. If you mess up, there is always tomorrow to try again.

Having a positive mindset leads to a positive lifestyle. When you look at life with positivity, you open your mind to new possibilities. Whereas a negative, burned out mentality keeps you missing out on great opportunities. When you look at the world with grey lens, no matter what opportunity comes your way, there is something wrong with it. When in reality no situation or opportunity is perfect.

 I hope you don’t underestimate the power of positivity. It really is a powerful tool for your mental, emotional and physical health. It can do so much for you throughout your days. Not everyday has to be dull, hard or full of stress. Even though those days do exist, we can get through them with finesse. 

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