A Road Trip for Five: What to Expect

It has been a long while since I have been on a road trip with the entire family. Some challenges did present itself. Everyone wanted to do different things at different times. Of course there was the occasional party pooper. I gotta say everything was well planned, except for the common cold that crept up on all of us. I will say because of the fever, cough and stuffy nose I had outbursts twice. The thing about me is that I still do things when I’m sick. I sort of go into denial and push onward when I should be resting. With a road trip planned there is just too much to do. So, needless to say everyone else got sick as well (I don’t want the entire blame on me so, we shall say it was the change in weather and lack of sleep that did them in as well).

The five of us headed to Fresno, Reno, Lake Tahoe and back to Fresno once more, before going home. When you travel with so many people in a confined, tight space for several hours at a time, it is important to go with the flow. Which I already knew, but boy is it hard!! This is when you just gotta let go and breathe. Remind yourself that you are in control of your attitude and perspective. Even though it can be frustrating, you cannot change someone else’s attitude, just your own. That alone can change a lot. Focus on the blessings and change your narrative. If the vibe in the car seems sour, put some good music on, play a game, or change the conversation. A fun conversation with snacks on hand helps time move faster than it is. 

Focus on why you are all together in the first place. This reminder helps improve your mood and appreciate not just yourself but the people you are with. I gotta say, teamwork is important. It is important to talk with your peeps (I wish we had before this trip) about what is expected from everyone. When everyone is doing what they need to do, it takes the pressure off from everyone. No one needs to pick up slack and no one feels taken advantage of. Road Trips are an all hands on deck kind of travel. Whatever your part was, make sure to do it well and happily. When everyone comes together for a common goal,  it makes the trip that much smoother.

Since I was sick, bed time was greatly appreciated. On any trip, don’t underestimate the importance of sleep, stretching and hydration. These 3 are essential! Especially if you are going somewhere with a major climate change, like we did. Your body and skin will thank you for the essentials. When you feel good, you do more. Sleep keeps you focused and clear minded. You are not just chugging around in brain fog. I was the only one in the group who took time to stretch and it made a HUGE difference. I felt like I had more energy and flexibility. When everyone else got sore from our hike I was able to bounce back faster. Water and tea where my best friend during this trip. It kept my skin clear and my hair hydrated in such a dry, cold climate. If you find yourself feeling icky and sluggish, try the essentials. These are things you should already be doing daily but it is even more urgent for your health when you travel. When you travel, your body and mind are on a high energy mode–long days, late nights and new environments take a lot out of our bodies.  

The challenge of social media! This one is difficult. We always want to document everything and capture what we are doing. BUT! You want to have a balance. Be aware of how much time you are spending on social media. Make sure you are present with your environment and the people you are with. Put your phone away for some period of time and enjoy the moment. Not everything needs to be captured. The memory and the joy of being present is way better than simply watching it on camera. Plus, it is the small details that you really seem to remember–the way you feel, the raw emotions of being in the moment. Those details or events don’t always get captured. While you are busy trying to capture a raw, small detail you can end up missing something beautiful.

Bring ready to eat food with you on the trip. It’s best if it’s finger food. You can make sandwiches, wraps or ready to eat skewers. I decided to make chicken tamales!!! Easy to pack and eat. Doing this saves time and money. Instead of constantly stopping for food and making a mess in the car, it is easier and healthier to make food that everyone can eat in the car. This is incredibly helpful when it is really late and not many places are open. Also, I didn’t pack water bottles. For 2 reasons! One, I am trying to go plastic free (I’ll create a post about my journey on a later date) and doing this created more room in the car. Instead of having a giant package of water and a car full of water bottles, we brought our flasks and 1 liter of water for refills.

For matters of safety, we stopped at grocery stores. Whenever we stopped to fill up the car for gas we took the opportunity to use the restroom. Whenever we didn’t need to refill,  we chose grocery stores. Not only is it cleaner but safer. Everyone can go in a group and there are more people around. Plus, if you are hungry, you can easily buy snacks or even mini ready to eat meals. Next time you are on the road late at night search for 24 hour grocery stores. My favorite is target. Most close around 11 or midnight and there are always people around. 

I can’t forget to mention, we even took Rocky, our little Yorkie poo on this road trip! Traveling with a dog is not hard but it can be annoying, not gonna lie. Especially if you have a pup like mine, who likes to move around a lot and be in the driver’s seat. My suggestion is just bring lots of treats and a blanket. The blanket is so that your pup can be comfortable laying across your thighs. This makes a big difference for the both of you! Other than that, I pretty much let Rocky explore any areas we stop by. That way he doesn’t get too fussy in the car.     

Road Trips are meant to be refreshing. Travel is great for getting out of your routine and gaining new experiences. The small bumps along the way are all part of the experience and shouldn’t put a huge damper on your mood. They are simply not worth it.

On this trip I definitely felt like I was on the right path. Normally I feel like I am searching or missing something from my life. This trip was different, I felt at ease. I gotta say, Eric and I are on the point of our journey where it feels a tad bit boring. We feel passionate about where we are going but just like in any journey there are moments of quiet. Where life isn’t about rushing or speeding by. It’s important to keep a good balance. When you are constantly rushing and buzzing like a busy bee, life becomes overwhelming. This trip was just what Eric and I needed. Not only did we get out of our daily routine, but we realized that we are on the right path. When you are heading towards your goals, there is always a point along the way when you ask yourself if this is the right path. Is all the time and effort going to get you the results you want?

On this trip I felt at ease. I didn’t feel like I needed to be doing something else. This trip definitely gave me clarity and peace of mind. I never felt so sure of myself. Even though life sends you surprises and sudden curve balls, it’s important to know if you are ready and willing to fight for what you want. If you are, then you are right where you are supposed to be.

Traveling in large groups can be hectic but there is something nice about experiencing new things with friends and family. With all the laughs, smiles and frustrations it brings you closer, creating a stronger bond.

Tell me, where are you planning to go on your next road trip?  

Until next time!



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