Tips on how to Glow up to Show Up

Experts say when you focus on what needs to get done instead of the results, you will find yourself living them. This is exactly what I have been experiencing lately. Many of the people around me have told me they sense a change in me. I have been so busy focused on the change I want, that I haven’t stopped and evaluated my progress. 

In the social media world, you hear a lot about ‘glowing-up’. It is a term used to describe someone who looks genuinely happy and naturally flawless. I am going to share the daily and weekly steps I do to help me be my best, glowing self–even when I don’t feel like it. 

Before I started to make these changes I was a mess!! I constantly felt overwhelmed, I was stressed and my face was breaking out. When I shift my perspective from the results I wanted, to what I needed to do, everything changed. Instead of constantly worrying about reaching for this goal, I found myself actually enjoying the process. Now, I see myself getting closer and closer. 

I hope these small steps will also give you the changes you want.

Step 1: Eat good food and drink lots of water. I know this seems like a no brainer and yet not many of us do this. It seems to go out of our minds throughout the day. Doing this everyday keeps you hydrated, plus many fruits and vegetables helps your skin stay healthy. 

I know how easy it can be to get fast food throughout your busy day but, just packing a container of mixed fruit or bringing an apple with you can be a huge difference in how you feel and look.

Step 2: Limit your alcohol, sugar and caffeine intake. Now, I did not say to quit these! So often, we hear limit and we think we need to stop altogether. This is not the case, I love all three of these and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. These are important to control because not only do they hurt your organs, they also dehydrate your body. Most importantly, they spike your sugar and blood levels which causes your skin to flare up–this tends to bring more breakouts and irritation. 

Step 3: Wash your face before going to sleep. Throughout the day we sweat, touch our face, attract bacteria and free radicals which fall onto our pillows and sheets! This is so nasty because we then lay on those same pillows and sheets every night. Washing our face helps keep our sheets clean and our pores unclogged. As a side note, it helps to clean your pillow cases every week or at least every other week if you don’t have time. Also, we have got to stop touching our face. We carry soooo much bacteria on our hands and when we touch our face we are spreading it. If you need to touch your face try using the back of your hand or a tissue instead. 

Step 4: Get enough sleep. It is so important to feel rested. This helps keep our natural energy levels up and keeps us clear minded–which in turn helps us make better decisions. As we sleep, we sort of self heal if you may call it that. We give our brain a break and our cells rejuvenate, which helps heal any breakouts. 

Step 5: Make time to move your body. This can be a hardcore workout,  some yoga or even some stretches. Anything that gets your heart going helps your blood circulation. When your blood gets moving this helps you break a sweat, releasing toxins from your body. When you do this, this helps prevent any breakouts and relieve any clogged pores. 

Step 6: Take vitamins!! Doing this helps you fill in any nutritional gaps and enhance your overall health. There are a lot of vitamins and minerals you absorb from certain foods but there are some that we cannot gain. There is no need to ambush your body with vitamins, what I recommend is finding a brand that is organic, honest and transparent (my favorite brand is Nutrilite, I’ll put the link at the bottom of the page if you want to order). Then, look at your diet and see what vitamins can help you. I take omega-3, vitamin C, HSN and something called THE DOUBLE X! It is as powerful as it sounds! Taking vitamins helps keep your body strong and healthy. Not only do you feel good but you will look great as a consequence. 

Step 7: Smile MORE. Laughing and smiling needs to be part of our daily ritual. Smiling brightens up our face and in response people smile back. When you smile your body acknowledges it and sends ‘happy’ chemicals to the rest of your body. Which leaves you feeling in a good mood. Haven’t you heard that smiling is a cure to just about anything??!! When you are in the car, in the shower or even when you feel low try out a smile and see the difference it makes. 

Step 8: Journal everyday. I do this once in the morning and again before bed. Each time it doesn’t take me more than 5 minutes. In the morning I write 5 things I am grateful for. I do this to set myself up for the rest of the day. As I write down each one I make sure I am present in the moment. I allow myself to really feel what I wrote. This keeps me feeling positive and at ease throughout my day. No matter what happens throughout my day, I know what I am grateful for and where my values stand. At night I try to write (the maximum 1 page) about how my day went and how I am feeling. I stick to 1 page so that I can get to the source of any problems. Writing each day can help declutter your mind and help you feel refreshed–ready to tackle any problems and move forward. This in turn helps keep a smile on your face longer. 

Step 9: Read challenging books. No, this does not mean books with long difficult words. I mean books that challenge your perspective and make you think about your life, your values and how the world works. This helps you grow and feel more confident in yourself. The more confident you feel, the more radiant you look. It is a feeling, a certain energy you start to carry that people will start to notice. Filling your mind with good information brings about good conversations with good people. 

Step 10: Listen to videos & audios that make you feel good! The more lively and happy you feel, the more you will glow. The more you listen to positive and encouraging shows, movies, audios or broadcasts the more people will want to be around your energy. Listening to negativity only dampens your mood. Let go of any bad energy. Trust me, you don’t need it. 

Step 11: Try a new, fun activity every month. Being in the same routine day after day can become boring and quite frustrating. At a minimum, do something new every month. What this does is get you pumped and excited. This energy starts to overflow and people will notice. Plus, you will have new, fun stories to share. Doing this helps you relieve any stress and keeps you looking forward to something other than work. 

If you haven’t noticed yet, ‘glowing-up’ is about the energy you take in and the energy you emanate.

Step 12: Lastly, spend time with people who leave you feeling good and vice versa. When good energies are flowing all around, you find yourself feeling happy and confident. When you spend time with people who also have positive energy, you release endorphins. These chemicals leave you feeling good about yourself and when you feel good about yourself, you spread that same energy to others.

It is so easy to look at people through social media and think that people have these perfect lives but that’s just not true. No one has the perfect life and the more we focus on how we can better ourselves, the more energy we will have to be there for others.

 Remember when you want to ‘glow up’, show up for yourself. 

Also, the link is down below for you to check out those vitamins and much more!! 

Happy Friday! 

Until next time,