8 Lessons I’ve learned in the Past 8 Years

I am 24 years old and even though I know that is not ‘old’ I feel like I am running out of time. I keep looking towards the future aware of the fact that as you age living just gets harder. I know that is a very negative perspective to have. There are lots of people who are 50+ living their best life! I truly hope to be one of those people. 

My point to all that is that even though I am just 24 these lessons have taught me so much. Learning some of these were quite painful but, I am glad I learned something from these situations. Our experiences and actions are what shape us–age is truly just a number.

I hope what I am about to share acts as a ‘shortcut’ for you. If you haven’t experienced these situations yet maybe you can be more prepared than I was. People’s stories and experiences can be great learning tools for each of us. They have carved the path so that way we can have an easier journey. I hope I can do that for you or even shine a light on whatever dim situation you are going through.

Lesson #1

Not everything is going to go your way. 

I used to get so caught up in situations that didn’t go my way. I would pout, place blame and have a really bad attitude about it. This attitude did nothing positive for me. It just kept me unhappy and I would spread that to the people around me. As I worked on this, I realized that often there is a different and an even better outcome. 

My negative perspective kept me from seeing a better opportunity. Once we recognize this we are able to take back control. So what if that one thing didn’t work out, what can we do now instead? This is the outlook I now carry with me (or at least I try to 90% of the time) and it has really given me some great moments to remember. 

Sometimes, its okay if things go wonky. 

Lesson #2

Silence is more powerful than you think

By deciding to be silent you can then take the time to really listen to what the other person is saying. You gain a better understanding of how that person thinks and respond in a thoughtful way. You learn a lot more about people by just listening to them and that is an amazing skill to possess. Plus, no one likes an interrupter, so truly listening to someone helps you seem trustworthy and a great person to talk too. 

Honestly, sometimes some people just say the most random or ignorant things ever and it’s just better to not respond. Some things just don’t deserve a response to. This allows you to stay in control and turn away from a possibly negative conversation. 

‘Silence’ is key in carrying a great conversation. Ironic, right!?

Lesson #3

You need to sleep more, drink more water, eat your fruits & veggies, and you should workout more! I am sure you have heard your parents tell you all of these at one point. They are so right! 

If we feel stressed, sluggish or tired–sleeping and working out naturally help with these. Doing these things on a daily basis really help solve so many of our problems. Especially if our health is suffering turning these into habits help us stay in our best shape and keep living our life full of energy and stamina! 

What good is it to pursue our goals and passions if we don’t even feel good! I definitely learned this the hard way when my health plummeted. As you develop these habits, you not only feel better but emotionally and mentally you feel ready to conquer your days. 

So many people think doing these daily steps are for just losing weight or for saying in shape–when that is not the case. These are important for our overall well being. These allow us to live the lifestyle we want. 

Of course there will always be set backs, you might get a cold or maybe your just not feeling it today, and that is okay! We are not expected to feel great and happy all the time but by doing these steps daily we have more days, weeks and months where we can do the things we want with love and enthusiasm. 

Lesson #4

Nothing lasts forever. 

When I was in my slump I felt like I was never going to get through it. I was starting to accept my current state– that this is how it’s going to be. I don’t know when exactly was my turning point but something happened (or maybe someone said something) that made me realize that nothing lasts forever.

Both good and bad moments come and go. Some stick around longer than others but, just like you can count on the seasons changing these moments do as well.   

That is when I became more determined in changing my circumstances. I started to work on my perspective and that is what made me realize how powerful it is! 

When we find ourselves in a negative, sad or just overall bad situation that moment won’t last forever. We are meant to grow, reflect and learn from our situations. That is where our power originates from! We control our perspective, we can change what we don’t like. 

Which is why it is so important to enjoy and cherish the good moments that come our way and learn from those bad situations. Don’t let those moments mean nothing. 

Lesson #5

People come and go throughout your life

Some people are meant to stay for life, some for a while, and others just for a quick minute. We don’t necessarily know how long certain people will stay in our life and I learned that is what makes each relationship unique. 

I painfully learned this lesson. I am not one to make friends easily or quickly. It takes me time but once I do, I give my heart and stay a loyal friend. That does not mean the other person is just as loyal. 

This can be sad when someone you feel is a good friend or partner does not reciprocate the same way. 

At first I thought this was life’s way of teaching me to be strong and to harden my heart, but I actually learned something totally different. I learned that it is okay to be open to new people and still be loyal because that is who I am. I am choosing to share that part of myself expecting nothing in return. 

Building relationships is all about sharing and giving. It’s feeling good about being a good friend or partner. 

Not all relationships end on a perfect note. Feelings get hurt, something goes unsaid or maybe too much has been said! It’s important to recognize the lesson or experience. That person entered your life for a reason and now there has been left an impact in both your lives.

Lesson #6

Always take the time to heal your inner self.

So much goes through our day and taking the time to work through stress, anger, sadness or frustration is beneficial to every part of our health. Physically, mentally and emotionally. When you don’t feel right within yourself then how can you go throughout your day with passion and kindness. Take the time to care for yourself, #selfcare is a very big thing. It could be taking a nap or a day of shopping. Whatever it is you won’t be able to give the best you if you are not feeling like you. 

Lesson #7

Just start!

This is something I still battle. I mean, procrastination is real. We spend so much time thinking about starting that we never do! This is something I constantly remind myself of everyday. Just start that workout, just write that post, just begin reading -whatever it is just start at the first step. No one expects you to be at the finish line just by starting and you shouldn’t either. Starting again everyday is how habits begin to form and changes start to take place. 

Don’t think about the end so much. If you already know where you want to end up, then focus on doing those steps today and then tomorrow and so on. Do the things that will help you get there. Before you realize it, you will see how far you have come. 

Step #8

When something just feels right, go for it!

I am not implying that if it seems like a good idea then just do it (although you can do that also). I mean if you are at cross roads and not sure what to do–make the choice that makes you feel scared and yet empowered. It’s that feeling in your gut and heart that is telling you to go for it. Your mind will tell you, you’re being a big dummy for taking the risk, but that is when you know you need to do it. You are simply riding on faith! You won’t know how if everything is going to work out, but there is a part of you that just knows it will…eventually. I’ve learned to trust my gut and recognize when something seems right for me. 

Which goes back to step #7 and just start. Once you have decided to get start, chase that opportunity, goal or dream. 

No choice is ever going to be perfect and you shouldn’t expect it to. That is just setting yourself up for disappointment. 

So often we expect things to go a certain way and when they don’t we quit and that is not fair to ourselves. We need to remind ourselves how we first felt when we first decided to get started. There lies the motivation and passion to keep going. 

These lessons have helped me live my life with confidence. I don’t know what circumstances or people might come my way but I know that I can be at peace with it. I chose to focus on my perspective, attitude, and choices. These are the thoughts and actions that my life is being built on and when I don’t know what to do I rely on my faith to carry me through. Which is where the lessons lay. 

There is a reason why people say to laugh at life and not take things too seriously because people will throw things your way and situations will come up. 

At the end of the day the only thing you can control is yourself. 

Happy Friday!

Tell me 1 lesson you have learned and how it helped you? 

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