Travel Essentials you don’t think about

Since I just got back from my five day road trip I thought it would be a good time to share my travel essentials! Besides the obvious travel supplies like toothpaste and hairbrushes, I am going to share the things I bring, that you might not think about. 

Like most of us, I like to travel! I find it very enlightening and I feel like I learn a lot about myself and society. 

You all know, I’m an organizer bunny so I like to pack efficiently. I like to take everything I need and want and make it fit into my luggage properly. 

I used to over pack…like a lot. It was pretty bad, but the more I’ve traveled, I’ve realized there are some things I just don’t need. I’ve gained some packing wisdom!!

When it comes to packing it will definitely be different depending where you are going, for how long and how you are traveling. 

In this case, my mode of transportation was my car–since we went on a 5 day road trip. 

Let’s begin!!

Essential 1: A medium sized, COMFORTABLE backpack. This is super helpful to add any snacks, water, phones, chargers, money and so on if you are going to be sightseeing. 

Essential 2: A towel for each person. This is perfect because sometimes you end up getting wet or the motel, hotel or wherever you are staying may run out of towels. If you want to use one immediately then having a clean, fresh towel on hand is one less thing to worry about.

Essential 3: I always bring light bed sheets. I know this might be weird but many times hotels, motels or other places you stay don’t clean their bedding. So, having 2 light bed sheets to lay between their bedding gives me peace of mind–allowing me to sleep better. 

Essential 4: Sandals and Slippers! Sandals are perfect if you plan on going to the beaches, parks and so on. Slippers are great for when you are indoors. Instead of stepping on cold tile or unclean carpet you can rely on your slippers. You don’t know how many times I have gone to a new place, have forgotten slippers and have had to walk around barefoot.

Essential 5: I have learned to always bring 1 complete workout outfit. Even if you think you won’t work out, you never know when you might go on a long walk or a hike. 

Essential 6: Sunglasses, hats, and belts oh my! These are the things I tend to always forget until the last minute. They are so essential, especially if you are going to be sightseeing. Sunglasses will protect your eyes, hats your face (and even cover up a bad hair day) and belts will keep up any loose pants–plus they give a nice style to any outfit. Just because you are on a roadtrip doesn’t mean you can’t look good. 

Essential 7: My favorite product ever…VASELINE–Petroleum Jelly! This is super super super helpful. You can buy a travel size and it is a God’s send. It’s perfect to keep your lips moisturized, perfect for any dry skin and if you happen to get any minor scraps, cuts or burns, petroleum jelly helps soothe those ailments. I never ever leave the house without mine. 

Essential 8: Face sunscreen and body sunscreen. For my face I use a light cream with SPF 50. It’s not only light, but it doesn’t leave my face looking greasy and it comes in a small travel bottle { I use Artistry Illuminating Face Sunscreen}. Then I bring a bigger bottle for the rest of my body {any brand works pretty good, I’m not too picky in that aspect}. 

Essential 9: I now always bring my Artistry body oil! If you have a fav body oil start taking it with you on trips, it makes a difference. The reason I love mine is because it’s small and easy to pack and all I have to do is spray it on. It does not leave my skin oily or greasy. It’s meant to absorb into your skin to hydrate and add a pretty shine to your skin. It also helps your skin when it is ashy and dry. Even if you haven’t shaved the spray still makes your legs look smooth, shiny and toned. As a plus you can even apply a small amount on your hair if it’s dry or frizzy. It’s always a must for me!

Essential 10: Bring a small purse or fanny pack. I don’t like taking my large pretty purses on trips, since I don’t want to damage my purse by over stuffing it…and then I have to carry a large, heavy purse around. Also, a fanny pack is great for both men and women. It’s a big plus that they are hands free and back in style. I like to fill them with cash, my ID’s and so on. I make sure to add a small chapstick and a mini brush. You don’t want to be caught with a bad hair moment right before photos.

Essential 11: Lastly, portable chargers. Yes, I mean more than one. No matter if you are traveling alone or with a partner. I’ve done this where I  just bring my plug in charger thinking that’s all I’m going to need. Then I end up leaving it at the hotel or in the car. What’s worse is when I am somewhere with no place to plug it in! You know, when you are out hiking and sightseeing! So, make sure to bring more than one portable charger in case someone in your group needs one or you happen to forget to charge one. This is definitely important if you are traveling alone. 

Those are my 11 must have essentials!!! I truly hope this is helpful. As a side tip, I always make a travel packing list. I make a list of things I need to pack and once I am about to leave I make sure to check it. This helps me from forgetting anything important.

You can check out my IG @evelyne_positivelyconfident to see photos of what we did on our road trip! Maybe you will get some ideas for your trips. 

Tell me in the comments something you can’t travel without!! Can’t wait to read them. 

Until next time,


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