4 Reasons Why Style is a Person’s Signature

I am so excited for this post! Social Media is my weakness when it comes to fashion because of all the different styles available. My curiosity for fashion started in high school. I would borrow so many of my mom’s clothes that she would get frustrated with me! I would grab pieces of clothing from her and pair them with my clothes to try and make new and unique outfits.

Although, there was a time where I caught myself trying to copy people. Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great to get inspiration from people and use similar pieces to compliment your personal style. I was not doing that. I was looking at other girls wishing I could dress like them. I would buy just about the same outfit and it just wouldn’t fit, or feel, right. One of the reasons is because we all have different body types, so different types of clothing and styles fit differently on everyone. Also, some styles just don’t connect with you once on your body. When you wear an outfit you want to feel at ease and comfortable. What you see in the mirror is often a representation of how you see yourself or how you want to see yourself.

Style is so much more than what you wear. Your style does most of the work for you in first impressions. Style can give you extra boosts of confidence. Your unique style can be inspiring to yourself and others.

When it comes to first impressions what you are wearing and how you are groomed is the first thing people notice. This is all before you probably shake hands or even speak to each other. Within a few moments people have already made judgements and determined an idea about you. So, why not let your outfit do the talking for you. In this way I feel like I am able to show people how I want them to view me. So, dress for the first impression you want.

Which moves us into confidence. Wearing the right outfit helps you feel at ease. You feel in control and liberated–like you are on top of the world and people will notice. When you feel in control of your life you start building momentum. You are putting forth action and moving forward, all because of your wardrobe choices. When you like your wardrobe you have less of a hassle when it comes to picking out outfits because you have chosen everything in it– it is a representation of you.

Which leads to style being a form of expression. Your attitude and personality are expressed within the details of your outfit, down to your jewelry and choice of shoes. Accessorizing is the fun part of building your personal style because you can totally recreate a new outfit based on  small details. Expressing yourself allows you to have fun and try new things. There is no definite right or wrong way to do things in fashion. There are tips on how to enhance your outfits and look put together- but style is yours to experiment with. Expressing yourself allows you to communicate how you feel on the inside.

Lastly, fashion is inspiring! It’s creative, fun, and also has breakable rules.

Nothing is set in stone. There are always new styles coming and going, and old ones returning. Even the most logical person with no creativity can put together a fantastic style for themselves. Certain styles can be inspiring because of what they represent. A power suit is associated with a powerful, office job. Whereas an outfit with bright colors and patterns could mean you have a more free, creative working environment. Your sense of style can empower you and encourage others to try something new.  

Yes, style may just be an excuse to spend money and show off, but it’s more than that. Your personality is unique and so is your style.

Let me know if you would like me to do a post on how to find your personal style.

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