Follow your ‘Gut’ to Accomplishment

You know that tingly feeling? Or maybe it’s your faith or that feeling you just can’t shake. Whatever you choose to call these feelings we should learn to listen to them. These feelings can be a great guide to helping us figure out not only what we want, but also helping us carve the path to what we want. We know, deep down, what we want for the most part, but due to experience we can be hesitant to believe it. We quietly say to ourselves, ‘is this possible for me?’ It can be scary because the world can be scary. People can be cruel by trying to put down your goals and life dreams because of their own pain and hurt. Lately, life has been finding ways for me to finally deal with some hidden emotions. For a while I have been angry but now I find myself laughing and a bit in disbelief. Somehow life keeps finding a way-I keep thinking this is it- the hurtful emotions are done, myself knowing that I am harboring more but hoping the universe doesn’t know. Trust me, the universe knows-you can’t keep secrets from the universe (if you believe in God, like I do-then replace the word universe with God).  It got me thinking about the days where I felt like I didn’t know anything, when I was naive but full of faith. Every decision I made was a gut decision, but it just felt right. I look back at these decisions and I don’t feel regret or guilt, even at the bad moments. I look at all these moments as part of the journey and I wouldn’t want them any different. Now, I have guarded myself and I find myself wanting to go back to the basics. Never underestimate the basics. As I am writing this, I am in Fresno, CA babysitting my parents doggies and I have the entire house to myself. I realized how terrified I am of being alone. Upon realizing this I knew I’ve turned away from my ‘gut’. I don’t ever recall being afraid of being alone. I am an only child, so I basically grew up alone, but this was different. I knew I had disconnected myself from who I am and my inner belief.  Looking back through my journal I found the ways to listen and set my inner-self onto the right path. Here are some steps to get out of your own way and start having some faith.

One, you have got to believe in yourself, even if it is a small part. It can be that you believe you are a good listener or organizer, whatever it is, let your belief start to grow.

Two, remind yourself constantly you do not know everything. The moment you think you do, you are not allowing room for growth. To follow your gut, you need to have an open mind and be able to try, thus leading yourself to different opportunities.

Three, take the time to listen to yourself, but don’t be the only person you listen to. Whenever you feel like your brain is overthinking, or you suddenly feel some rush of emotions, don’t immediately push it aside. Pause what you are doing and listen. Even if you find those thoughts to be negative, listening to your unconscious thoughts or feelings gives you clues to where you stand with yourself. Those emotions you bury are never gone and bringing them to light will give you acceptance and the next step forward. Listen to what you are telling yourself because you know what you want best. Believe it or not, when you feel lost, like you don’t know what you want, you probably do. You are just not willing to accept or voice what you want.

Make sure you don’t just listen to yourself all the time. Your mentality has gotten you to where you are at this point in your life. If you want to move forward, and make sure you are on the path to your desires, then listen to people who have what you want. You can attend inspirational events, listen to audios, and even read. All these give you more insights and better understanding towards yourself. When you have a better understanding of yourself you are able to make your decisions with confidence that they are a stepping stone shaping your life.

Lastly, know your destination. Figure out what you want. If you don’t know what you want, start small. Your gut knows and will lead you in the right direction. You know when you are in the right direction when there is this frightening excitement. You feel happy and scared at the same time- that is your gut talking and we better make sure to follow it because it is going to lead us on one hell of a journey. When we resist, those are the bumps we should laugh at. It’s all part of our story.

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Love, Evelyn.