New Year, New Me?

New year resolutions are tricky. We set these giant goals and stick with them for the first couple of weeks. We believe that we are capable and use that motivation to stick to our goals– that is, until we are faced with the first obstacle that seems too much to handle. This hesitation is what slows our motivation. In my journal I wrote down some “Goal Setting Notes.” I wanted to make sure that my goals were realistic and reachable in the 12 month span. Now, I am going to share with you what stood out to me enough to take into consideration while making my goals.

Numero Uno! Be VERY, VERY, VERY SPECIFIC. Being vague is not enough to make a goal a reality. If you are not specific enough, your “goal” is just a wish. A tip for specificity is to break down your goal. How does your goal look on the monthly, weekly and daily basis? I just started doing this and I cannot tell you how helpful it is. We become focused on losing those 10 pounds, saving $3000 or reading more, and so on, that if we were to just focus on what we need to do today then you will see such big differences in 1 month, 3 months and for the rest of the year. For example if you have the goal to read 1 new book a month and it has thirty chapters. In order to not feel like you can’t accomplish this goal, break it down, all you need to do it read 1 chapter a day to complete the book. This is a very simple example, but apply the idea to whatever goal you have. This can make an overwhelming goal doable and completely possible.      

Numero Dos! Set, see, and live. This means to set your goals down on paper, not in your phone and not just in your head. There is something about writing that connects your hand to your brain. You are sending yourself a personal message. Seeing your goals written out is like making a vision board. Personally, I used to think vision boards were just a waste of time. I learned that the reason I felt this way is because I never connected any real emotion to those pictures. They weren’t realities in my brain or heart, so they were just wishful thinking. Don’t underestimate the power of a vision board, start to see what you want as your future.   

Don Lok said, “Where your energy goes, your attention goes, energy flows and results show.” Eric Ramos said, “People spend time, money, and energy on what they find important.” These two phrases prove that if we really want something we need to make sure we are completely focused. Where we spend our time and money produces our reality. So, if we want a different reality we need to shift our focus. Lastly, live it! You need to see yourself live the life you are striving for before you actually reach your goals. Go test drive that car, go visit that house you want. Go and actually feel the things you desire. Drill it into your head that it will soon be yours.

Numero Tres! Share your goals. The people you tell will hold you accountable. How? Every time you see them you will remind yourself what you shared with them. Let the world hold you accountable.

Listen to your gut about what you really want. Admit to yourself when you want something way bigger, and let those daily, weekly, and monthly actions get you closer to your accomplishment.

In the end, you’re challenging your reality to catch up!

Until Next Time,

Love, Evelyn.

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