How to Encourage Change in Your Life

Due to some unchecked stress and anxiety, I had some stomach problems going on recently, and so I missed last week’s post. I was in bed resting for quite a bit of time.
In a weird coincidence, the topic for today correlates to what I went through for the past week.
I kept pushing down many of my negative emotions at the same time my life was on a fast streak. I didn’t give myself the time to relax and work through all of the emotions I was carrying. You are probably thinking about how much of a hypocrite I am because I am always writing about how we should be creating a more healthy lifestyle. I figured out when we lose focus on what we want or need, we begin to make different choices that don’t necessarily correlate to the direction we need to go in.
There is always a point where we become tired of our current situation and begin to ask ourselves several questions. Like, ‘why is this happening to me’ or ‘what can I do to get out of this and move on?’ So many of us wait to change something in our life until we feel trapped and uncomfortable. What we should do is make changes when we feel strong and good about ourselves. This is how we can take better control of our lives and stay clear-minded.
As I get back into writing again, you will start to see different themed posts about travels and fashion correlating with living a more positive and confident lifestyle. My entire thought process has been about how I can show you how to put forth action. People always say, ‘you just start’, but I think that is easier said than done. After some time, I figured out we simply get in our own way–like I continue to do. Taking action is not just about taking one giant step; it is about making small changes everyday that eventually lead to something bigger. Encouraging change in your life is about breaking free from yourself.
Here I have listed some changes we can make in our lifestyle that can encourage us to start taking charge.

TIP 1, for our emotional health: Tell yourself 3 positive affirmations a day. Once in the morning, afternoon and before bed.
TIP 2, for our mental health: Read at least one chapter of a book a day. One that challenges you and helps you break free from any mental limitations.
TIP 3, for our physical health: If you are a beginner, do something active for at least 15 minutes. Drink more water and fruit rather than soda and chips. (These are first starter tips, if you already live an active lifestyle and eat healthy, what you could do is start a different type of workout or routine and stop going out to eat as much and cook more often. A tip I go by when it comes to dessert is, I only buy dessert when I go out for a fun event and I only make sure to bring home one dessert item to limit my intake.)

All of these tips are focused on us creating changes we want to see in our lives. We shouldn’t just wait for changes to happen– we are able to make them happen for ourselves.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.
Love, Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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