Feeling Fulfilled in the Millennial Society

In a society where trends and viral videos are huge, we may often feel like we constantly have to catch up. As a result, we are left feeling like we are falling behind and feeling displaced. We may begin to grab on to any, and every, trend in an attempt to feel a connection with the people around us. Finding new styles, trends and videos tend to keep you entertained; in doing so, you may feel like you are running for the finish line but never making it.

With being part of a society where we should always be following the hottest thing we begin to lose a sense of our why? Why are we doing all this? Is it to impress others or to fit in? Or are you actually doing this for yourself? Whatever your reason, we have got to make sure it is bringing in happiness and fulfillment into our lives. We have to make sure we are answering our why and doing things that we think will benefit our life.
Feeling fulfilled has nothing to do with the outside world but rather about our inner-self and our perception of the world. Even though there are so many standards and opinions of what we should or shouldn’t do, it does not mean there is a “right” way. There is always going to be the “right” way society wants you to do anything and just because they say so does not mean you have to live the life of the masses. Do it your own way, do it in a way where you feel like you are spreading happiness and love– in a way where you feel proud of yourself. Do it in a way where you are able to see your journey and be happy about it.

We have gotten caught up in the facade that we have to have big success in order to be happy or have a place in society. In order for people to truly see us we have to be somebody. We have to gain giant followings or viral trends just to be noticed. If we don’t have these things then how could we possibly be happy? So many of us begin to feel odd or guilty for being happy and hopeful. Just as everyone else is moving on to the next best thing, this is where we make our move, where we rise and find the ways that bring us the things that truly matter: integrity, joy, respect, family, healthy relationships and achievement.

We have to set our own standards and rise to them.

Even if it means we might not follow the same trends or go in the same direction as the people around us, the direction that brings you closer to your fulfillment is the one that you want to be striving for.

Remember, you are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.
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Love, Evelyn.
Editor: Samantha McDonald