Double Standards On Women

This quote is by Emily Ratajkowski: “I’m tired of having to consider how I might be perceived by men if I wear a short skirt or post a sexy instagram- I want to do what I want to do.”

I know so many of us, if not all of us, feel like we must really consider our outfits before leaving the house; we imagine how we might be perceived by the people outside our homes or we might have second thoughts before posting a photo that might be a bit more revealing that usual. We constantly have to think about how people will judge us on our appearances.

Will they think I don’t have the body for this, will they want me to cover up more, will they think I am being too provocative?

So many thoughts we go through end up becoming negative and turn into self doubt. We all have different life experiences that shape how we view our bodies. We might be more open about ourselves or more conservative. Either way we have the choice to decide how we want to show it. Do what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Many people say be comfortable in your own skin, but you have to find the ways to do that and that might mean having to become uncomfortable for a time. You might not even feel confident at first. Let’s say you are very self conscious about your stomach area and you want to grow from that and accept yourself. What you might do is start wearing some crop tops or tighter fitting clothing or go to the beach with a two piece on. This might be very uncomfortable for a time until you find ways that you feel confident and comfortable.

There are always going to be opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do, but remember you are not asking people for permission on how you should view yourself. Next time you feel some self doubt creeping in, ask yourself what you want to do. From there, you just gotta do what makes you happy and empowered. If you feel good about what you are doing and how you view yourself, then the people who may have something negative to say about it will have no power over you or your future.

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Remember, you are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

Love, Evelyn.

Editor: Samantha McDonald

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