2017-07-30 05.29.01Questions for this month’s Insights correlate with the stories posted to the blog over the past few weeks. I hope you are able to self reflect and find some true meaning with how you feel about these questions. I hope they make you think. I hope you allow yourself to answer these difficult, and very personal, questions truthfully.

Please be honest with yourself, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable. It is only with discomfort that we begin to grow.

Do you consider yourself a more negative or positive person?

More Positive–How do you hold onto your positivity?

More Negative– What is it that fuels this negativity in you?

Do you feel negativity determines who a person is? Explain.

Do you think a person’s perspective and attitude plays a part in their happiness? Explain.

{Julie} [A more] positive [person]. [I hold onto my positivity by] focusing on the good and my future everyday. Umm, no [I don’t think negativity determines a person]. People go through things in life and sometimes it just takes hold. Yes, I do [think a person’s attitude determines their happiness]. When we have a better attitude we are able to focus on the good and have a better approach to people around us.

{Vanessa} I consider myself more positive [of a person]. I look on the bright side and I think about a bright future rather than focusing on the negative in the moment and convince myself that everything will work out in the end. No, I think people who tend to be negative, it doesn’t really say who it is. They still might have goals and aspirations that may not reflect their negativity. That’s just the way their personality works, maybe they have gone through certain experiences that made them feel that way and I really don’t think that defines a person, that’s just who the person is. They may still do the same things that positive people do and still have the same outlook. Definitely. This kind of determines their domineer with other people. If you have a bad attitude you tend to get into a more negative situation, whereas if you have a positive attitude your outcome can be a little different. I definitely think a person’s attitude could change their day to day experiences.

I know so many of us often have the mentality that our attitude is not that important and it does not affect anything. That is exactly why nothing will change. Don’t you see–when we have a negative attitude we have a negative point of view. We have succumbed to a way of living filled with anger, frustration, and other hurtful emotions. This is why a positive attitude towards ourselves, others, and life really brings out the best in ourselves.

If you are someone that has a positive attitude, keep going and be happy. I know it is not always easy but you are on the right track. If you are someone who seems to be stuck in a negative perspective, just know you can change that with time and effort. It is in your control. Feel happy knowing that you have control over it and decide to start looking at life through a different lense.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn.

Editor–Samantha McDonald    


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