The Importance of Attitude

Sometimes we all need an attitude check. Problems and challenges may arise in our lives, but I am sure we are familiar with the idea that challenges give us an opportunity to strengthen our character. Who do we want to be as we go through this process? Do we want to have a poor attitude that does nothing productive and just brings other people down? I hope not.

Sometimes we don’t even notice how our attitude is affecting those around us. Perhaps we don’t realize just how much our attitudes affect our daily lives. If you have an upbeat, nothing can bring me down, I will succeed through this obstacle kind of attitude you will be able to see opportunities that can help you and find people who want to support you. Not everything is guaranteed but allowing ourselves to have a positive attitude brings forth hope and action. If we have an attitude that is angry and frustrated and just complain over every little thing that happens to us, we will not see the end of it nor have people around us who want to help. Our attitude really does have an effect on our perspective.

I know there are going to be moments when you want to stay angry, sad, frustrated or disappointed– it is okay to feel those things. Embrace them and work through how you feel; we feel those things for a reason and they are trying to teach us something. The way we present ourselves to others is often grounded in the attitudes we show. Remember, people are not emotionally bulletproof! No matter how strong we are we still get our feelings hurt.

Who knew something like our attitude could make a world of difference.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let is be beautiful!

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Love, Evelyn.

Editor–Samantha McDonald