More than a Pretty Face

Have you ever seen a beautiful woman and immediately assumed that she had an easy life due to her looks? This thinking contributes to the stereotype that if a woman fits the “standards of beauty” she just has an easy life.You may have thought this before: well, if I looked like her I would have so much more success and happiness!
It seems we have shaped our society to base so much about a person by attributing physical appearance to actual success.
We all have a certain perspective about our own looks. We subconsciously compare ourselves to someone we view as more attractive. The question to ask: why are we so set on comparing ourselves to others? When we look at ourselves, we need to recognize that we are MORE than just our appearances. We have a soul, a heart, and a beautiful mind.
Our attitudes toward ourselves and our lives are far more important than the way we look. But, how do we get that out in a world where society only seems to care about looks?
By being the example.
Show people what you appreciate about them instead of only complimenting that person’s appearance. You can compliment someone’s sense of humor or their admirable and ambitious nature. We need to learn not to depend on other people opinions of beauty because it is different for everyone. If we constantly look to others we will find ourselves disappointed and continue to look for validation. You don’t need someone to tell you that you are beautiful. When you wake up in the morning be the first one to acknowledge your beauty. Look in the mirror and believe that you are beautiful and carry that confidence with you.
In the end, you are not just a pretty face or body. You are so much more.
You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.
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Love, Evelyn
Editor–Samantha McDonald

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