March Makeup


I apologize for the makeup post not being up on time this past Thursday, been having some technical problems. But, here it is!! Enjoy.

As you can see there are multiple photos of miss Hillary (by the way go visit her Instagram account and follow her at @hillaryadkins_ she posts great photos weekly!!). I’ve done this kind of post before with Karla where we did multiple hairstyles with a very basic makeup look. The reason for this is to show that our features are UNIQUE! Different hairstyles, makeup, even angles and lighting in photos can make us all look different. Even if you think your cheeks look fluffy someone else might think they compliment you perfectly. We are always the hardest critics of ourselves, yet when we see other people we always see the attractiveness in them. Right away we think about how we like her hair or eyebrows and when we look ourselves in the mirror we make harsh judgments: I need to lose weight to lose my chunky cheeks, my lips are too thin, or my ears are too big.

Whatever it is that is bothering you, trust me no one really cares but you.
Everyone else is too worried about what they want to change. So, the question is do we really want to make these changes or are we content complaining about them? It is normal to want to change certain aspects of our appearance, but we can handle it in a healthy and loving way. Let’s say we want to have thicker hair – let’s start taking care of our hair, start taking vitamins. Or maybe we want to have a toned body, so let’s put the chips away and start working out more. Instead of doing these things to compare yourself to other women, do it because you want to feel happier, healthier and stronger. Do it to compare yourself to yourself. Then you can look back and see the positive changes taking place.
Let’s start to enjoy who we are. We always try to follow the trends and be like other people that we may not appreciate ourselves enough. We don’t stop and think, you know what? People might like who I am right now. So, experiment with yourself, but be compassionate. Try different makeup looks, different hairstyles, different clothing, and feel free to be you.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn

Editor–Samantha McDonald 

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