Is Positivity Really Worth the Effort

Everyone around us seems to say, almost like a habit—“just be positive about it and everything will turn out alright.” I’ve even said these words to family, friends, and myself. These are not wrong words to say, they just lack a certain reality. Just being positive about something doesn’t always guarantee that you or the situation will be alright. At the same time, positivity can help us become stronger and get through situations with a good attitude. It can help us be proud of ourselves when we overcome a situation with a good spirit.
Thinking positively will allow us to think of others and how our energy will affect them– it will allow us to look ourselves in the mirror and think, I am a better person for deciding to be clear minded instead of grouchy, angry and frustrated.
If we have a good, healthy understanding of being positive, we know that positivity doesn’t mean just putting a smile on your face and turning away all the negative emotions. It is about being in the moment and even if our world seems to feel like it is falling apart, being positive allows us to see the good. It allows us to feel hopeful and grateful. So, yes positivity is worth it. It is not overrated because the idea of being positive gives us a sense of relief. If we take a step back and decide to be positive, we have also decided that we want to be in control of how we view ourselves and our life. We have decided that it is better to go through a storm with hope, calmness, and determination rather than fear, worry, and regret.
Positive energy allows us to overcome many obstacles. If we are honest with ourselves and face our emotions, positivity gives us the extra fuel to keep moving forward with strength and hope.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.
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Love, Evelyn.
Editor—Samantha McDonald