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2017-07-30 05.29.01Throughout the past month the posts have been about beauty and how it plays such a large part in our society; how we may allow ourselves to judge others based on their appearance. We allow ourselves to succumb to ideal beauty “standards” and we judge others based on that. Instead of seeing the inner beauty of people and getting to know them we may allow our eyes to make the first judgement. Doing so prevents opportunities to meet good people and build more memories.

Here are the 3 questions that I asked several women about how they view makeup and beauty in the world. I have got to say that I am in awe of their answers.

Do you think beauty is viewed differently throughout the world—How so?

Do you think makeup changes how people view each other—How so?

Do you wear makeup? If you do—How you do feel without it? If you don’t, how do you feel with & without it?

Lorie “{Q1} I do. I think that it is more than just a skin deep type of thing, I think it penetrates everybody psyche and their spirit and their soul. And so, depending where you are in the world it is viewed differently. {Q2} I think it affects different people, different ways. So, for some people adding makeup on helps them feel more secure, more confident, whereas, some people feel more confident in their own skin. I think that, people don’t really care about what other people think, they just feel what makeup makes them feel. {Q3} I do [wear makeup]. I feel just the same as when I do wear it [makeup], um I feel a little more natural, but um whether or not I have it on, it doesn’t– it’s not anyone else but me. 

Serena “{Q1} Yes, I think beauty is viewed differently around the world, the way society has changed overtime. Different cultures view different things as beautiful. {Q2} Psychologically, I do think makeup can play a big part in how people perceive you. But, ultimately the choice to wear or not to wear makeup is up to each individual. {Q3} I don’t usually wear makeup. It’s actually kind of bad because it is a lot of fun, but I do remember that there is some sexism when it comes to some makeup.”   

Christine “{Q1} Absolutely. I think beauty is a social norm and a construct, so everyone sees beauty in a different way. {Q2} I think [makeup] changes how we view ourselves. It gives you confidence, but also, other people might– you know, see it more as a work of art than natural beauty, which is unfortunate, but it is a part of our world. {Q3} I do wear makeup. [I feel] terrible [without it]. I even wear it even I am sick.   

I hope these responses are helpful and you were able to learn and relate to them like I have.

You are in COMPLETE control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn.

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