Beauty Defined

From body scars to long necks to face tattoos, beauty is admired differently in so many parts of the world. In India, decorated skin is seen as beautiful and in Western Africa, a full curvy figure is beauty. With so many different body types, skin types, hair and makeup styles, why do we judge ourselves so harshly? Let’s be honest, we all compare ourselves to the people around us. I do this as well, but I try to focus on bettering myself instead of trying to fit another person’s style or body image. What I have realized through researching and writing this post is that I am way too hard on myself. In a different part of the world, my appearance might seem odd and different, at least not at all what would be considered as beautiful. Here, in my home state, my features might be considered beautiful, or vice versa. We have become so obsessed with idealizing beauty that maybe we haven’t stopped often enough to consider that beauty is universal– it has no limits or standards. We have tried to define beauty with our small perspective of what we think it is and we need to stop. We are hurting ourselves and many other gorgeous men and women who are beautiful for just being alive and who they are! Who are we to stay that their body, skin, hair or features are not ideal. I think it’s time we put a stop to these standards. We are all different and we all do things differently. How we look on the outside should not dictate how others treat us; I know it will difficult especially since the first thing people see is our appearance. That is why our voices should be louder and our actions should scream who we are and what we stand for.

I am not implying we should stop caring about our appearance, that is not what beauty is about—just not caring. We can still do the things we love, like wearing makeup, styling our hair, doing our nails, whatever you feel like doing should not be from a place where you feel out of place or envious. Because you are not out of place! Trust me on that. Beauty has to be and should be about who we are and what we offer as a person.
Be your own definition of beauty. People everywhere have such different ideals. Ranging from dark skin to light, from a curvy figure to a thin one.

Be free to be happy with your beauty.
You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.
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Love, Evelyn
Editor—Samantha McDonald

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