January Makeup

A look into the past

The new year has arrived!

 So many of us want to start the year with new goals and resolutions. There is so much power and accomplishment awaiting us if we follow through and stick out the challenges that accompany our new goals. More power to us! Stick through it! We really can do anything we set our minds to– it is just a matter of discipline and believing in ourselves.

So, with the new year I felt a bit nostalgic. I was looking through all the past photos from the blog and all the makeup looks I have done. I thought it would be perfect to post some of the old photos that received great feedback. I hope by doing this we are able to realize that so much can change over a year; we go through different looks and styles, and what we consider to be beautiful change. What doesn’t change, though, is you. You may grow and change your mindset, but your inner beauty doesn’t change. Who you are, that unique part of you that belongs to you and no one else, doesn’t change. No matter what you go through in this new year, even if you lose your way, that special part of you is there.

I hope this year brings us all lots of happiness. I hope this year brings opportunities for us to grow and love ourselves and others deeply.

Have a great New Year!

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn.

Editor—Samantha McDonald 

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Passions for writing & reading. Coffee addict and mommy to my pup pup, Rocky. I live in San Diego, love to travel & shop. There is a lot more to me and I hope as you read through the posts you can get a greater sense of who I am and what I stand for. Happy reading!

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