Don’t Lie in Your Waste

In the last post we talked about trusting our emotions and allowing ourselves to give our true feelings power– the power to express what we feel without embarrassment. Our emotions are often the determining factor in how we view ourselves and what we are willing to do next. When we have a positive way of expressing our emotions we allow ourselves the chance to grow. When we express our pain negatively, we don’t allow ourselves the comfort and time to heal. We hold onto emotions that will cause us to view ourselves with low self-esteem and shame. When we have low self-esteem it becomes very difficult to change our ways and believe in ourselves.

Many of us hold a certain image of ourselves and our capabilities. When we reach a situation where we don’t think we can succeed, this becomes our limit; a mental limit. We limit our beliefs. Many of us have that tiny voice where we say to ourselves, “maybe I can.” The problem is that this voice tends to become overpowered by the stronger, louder voice saying that it is not reasonable or possible to think you can succeed. Now, this is where it really begins to get frustrating. Ignoring the voice that wants you to try and push forward is a waste of good, positive, and useful energy that could be used to move our life in a better direction. Yet, we find ourselves putting all that energy into negativity, anger, and frustration. Let’s not stay in our limiting beliefs. Let’s become willing to pull ourselves up and finally rid ourselves of our negativity. Instead of “I can’t,” think “I can and I will!”

We are so much STRONGER than we think.

 More BEAUTIFUL than we think.

More KNOWLEDGEABLE than we think.

More COURAGEOUS than we think.

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Love, Evelyn.

Editor: Samantha McDonald 

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I have a passion for writing & reading. I love me a good cup of coffee. I'm a mommy to my pup pup, Rocky & we live in San Diego. I love to travel & shop. Creating a positive attitude is very important to me because I used to be a very negative person & whenever something didn't go my way I would lash out to the people around me. So, these posts are filled with tips, steps and stories about how I made these changes and so can you.

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