Trusting your Words


IMG_1897 (2)How many times do you find yourself trying to move forward. To let go of the things that are weighing you down. You keep telling yourself that you are beautiful, confident, positive and powerful—and yet have a difficult time believing what you are telling yourself. I have found it difficult and still even find myself struggling to truly believe and live in a way that shows how I feel in the inside. What I mean by this is, sometimes it is hard to believe that we can be beautiful inside and out. That we can radiate confidence and show the world that we are strong. Sometimes this can be hard to believe because we feel small, we keep questioning who we can and want to become. We keep doubting everything good we tell ourselves. We justify why we are not a certain way and why we will never be that. We allow ourselves to fall into this trap. We feel like we are displaying an act of confidence and positivity. I don’t know exactly how you feel, I can only speak from experience, but you should know that doubting oneself and feeling vulnerable is normal. It can be frustrating as you continue to tell yourself all these positive affirmations that you are not even sure are true or if you are even living up to them—as time passes by and we feel like nothing has changed within.

Words are more powerful than we think. The way we give our words power is by not only surrounding ourselves with positive people and information, but also putting our words into action. When we say we are going to do something we need to add action into the equation. If we keep telling ourselves we are confident, we need to do what fuels that. That looks different for each of us. Sometimes I feel more confident after talking to a friend, after I write or read and sometimes after I curl my hair or put on a pair of my heels. It really depends on the day. I share this with you because we need to get to know ourselves. When we do this we know how to fuel ourselves better and find ways to get what we want. We need to start trusting ourselves when we say things. When we don’t, we are using a lot of good energy we could be using to move us forward in life. Give your words and thoughts action. Don’t second guess yourself. The moment you have a positive thought embrace it and move on. Don’t give yourself time to let any negativity cloud the positive changes you are making within.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn

Editor—Samantha McDonald

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I have a passion for writing & reading. I love me a good cup of coffee. I'm a mommy to my pup pup, Rocky & we live in San Diego. I love to travel & shop. Creating a positive attitude is very important to me because I used to be a very negative person & whenever something didn't go my way I would lash out to the people around me. So, these posts are filled with tips, steps and stories about how I made these changes and so can you.

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