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Success is not always predictable. Most of the time we don’t know how we are going to reach our dreams. We want to see a clear picture for our futures in our heads, but we may end up with a blurry picture and uncertainty instead. Finding success should not be to impress others. It must be for yourself, for your goals.  As I have mentioned before, the way you view yourself starts it all in motion. Build yourself and success will become a part of you. Of course, in order to become the success you want to be, there will be work to be done. The skills, qualities and character you need will be a part of who you are and will help you create the success you desire. This does not happen overnight, it takes time and patience. One of the discouraging factors in reaching your success is the media. Not only do you need to push through your own boundaries, but now you must work to shield yourself from the constant images and videos of people creating their own successes in life. Sharing successes is a beautiful thing, but we must learn that just by viewing the images we don’t know the WHOLE story. We don’t know the obstacles, the challenges, the sweat and tears that were involved. We need to look internally and focus those blurry images into clear pictures to move towards them with determination, persistence and passion.

Here are the questions I asked several wonderful and beautiful women. I focused on their perceptions of media and success.

What does successful look like to you?

Do you think social media has shaped the way you view success?

Do you see more positive or negative stories in media?

How do you truly feel when you read or look through Social Media?

Candice Gomez-30 years old– “I think success looks like a confident, kind, and happy human being. [1] Umm…I don’t really think that is the case. I actually think social media distracts people from success. [2] Negative. [3] I feel like my time is wasted when I look through social media!”[4]

Hannah-24 years old– “Being able to live comfortably and happily and be able to do what you generally want to do in life. [1] It has helped make it seem more accessible because you see everyone’s different personal successes. [2] From people that I know, more positive, but from articles and stuff being shared more negative or even people commenting negative things. But as far as personal one on one, where people actually know each other, it is more positive. [3] I mostly do it as a time killer of sorts, but it depends on what kind of things people are talking about that day, but there are some days where I am so done with people, because there is so much negativity that is so unnecessary, that it doesn’t help with anything. [4]

I hope these answers where relatable to you. Let me know what other questions or topics you would like to read about.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful!

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Love, Evelyn

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