Women Achievement

We already have a difficult time deciding what we want to do with our lives, let alone worrying about achieving “success.” Reaching success is a difficult journey. We tend to keep our eyes focused on others instead of our own progress. This keeps us from not only enjoying our journey, but also from feeling fulfilled with our success. Being so preoccupied with what others are doing in their life may cause us to feel discouraged, jealous, or unmotivated; having direct access to other’s “achievements” does not help us either. Based on last week’s post, we know that what is displayed on social media can often be exaggerated. Not only do we have a hard time maintaining our self-confidence when seeing modified photos of “perfection,” but then we are constantly viewing these beautiful, often exaggerated, stories of others reaching their own success. So, what do we do? We lower our self-esteem making it nearly impossible to push forward and find our success.

Conquering the standards put upon us can be a long process– not only do we push though all these opinions, but we also need to fight our own insecurities. All of this causes us to have difficulties reaching and shaping our success. The question we need to ask ourselves is what does success look like to us? What is our plan, the goal, the end game? Where and when do you envision yourself where you will feel happy, carefree, satisfied, peaceful or even wealthy?

Let other people’s successes be fuel to push your forward. That motivation to create a successful vision for ourselves– a vison that brings us pride.

You are in control of how you view yourself-so why not let it be beautiful!

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Love, Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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