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Friendships can bring so much joy. A friend is someone we get along with, someone with whom we can laugh, tell stories, and share secrets. A friend can bring a lot of positive light into our life. Often, we don’t stop and think about the uncomfortable parts of being a friend. What about the heartache that comes along with friendship? We are imperfect human beings; therefore our relationships are not perfect. A friend is there during happy moments and during the rough times where we feel sad, angry, or stressed. They can lend a supporting hand or a listening ear. What about the moments where they might cause us pain and frustration through their actions or miscommunication? As a friend, our actions and words also affect the friendship. Deciding to reach out and communicate in a way that will help fix the problem will make the friendship that much stronger. This is hard to do, because our first response will not always be to reach out with love and understanding. If you are willing to put in the effort, you will create positive and lasting friendships.

 I asked some wonderful women on their thoughts on friendship:

  1. Do you consider yourself open to making new friends?
  2. What are some negative and positive things you tell yourself?
  3. What are some negative or positive emotions you feel when you are with friends?

Jenni (21 years old) 1.) “At first, not really because I am shy. But, yes, I just prepare myself. 2.) Negative things, that I feel sometimes insecure and positive things, I don’t know, I don’t, it’s hard for me to tell myself positive things mostly because I think negative all the time. 3.) Positive emotions I feel happy, but I don’t really feel any negative emotions.”

Emily F (20 years old) “1.) YES! 2.) These are deep questions. I think positive, I am outgoing and that is something God has given me. I love being around people. Negative, I can definitely bottle things up and end up not handling situations properly. 3.) Positive emotions–I get life from people. I love being with different people and seeing how God created everyone in different ways. You learn a lot from other people because everyone has a different experience. Negative emotions–when people are overall negative and people are discouraging, that to me is sad to see.”

Becca (19 years old) “1.) Yes. 2.) I love people and I am very compassionate and a big upside to that is that it’s easier to make new friends and easier to love people from any walk of life, however old or young they are–from whatever background. A negative side to that, I overlook downfalls in people and that can be very taxing. 3.) Positive, I am very bubbly and I love bouncing ideas off people and getting deep into what people believe, getting perspective on different things and challenging people to think deeper and vice versa, have them do the same for me. Negative, sometimes I feel like I am getting taken advantage of for wanting to help people. Which is hard because I love helping people, so when people who ask me to do more things, it becomes hard for me to say no”.

I hope you have been able to relate to one of these girl’s responses and gain perspective.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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