The Ups & Downs of Friendship

Relationships fill our lives and whether we are introverts or extroverts, as humans we are social beings. A part of us wants or needs to feel loved and wanted. Building relationships is something that we can all be capable of, to not only give joy to others, but to ourselves. It all starts with loving ourselves first. We all have beauty and love inside and it’s important to conquer any fears or doubts that hold us back from expressing it. If we were to show that not only do we love ourselves, but that we also love others, the world would start changing drastically.

 I think so many of us have become accustomed to hiding. We feel the constant stress as we try to be perfect for everyone around us— we may not even recognize the weight it holds on us. This can cause us to lose sight of who we are, truly. I can’t tell you what kind of person you are— no one can. You know in your heart the kind of person you want to be, and you do have the power to become that person no matter what family, friends, or society may say. If we allow ourselves to learn how to love, our perspective of ourselves and of others will change.

You might be asking, “how do I truly love others and myself?” I also find myself struggling with this, but I have learned the more you give without expecting anything in return, the more you will fall in love with yourself. You will begin to feel good about who you are and most often (not in all cases) people will not disappoint you. If they value what you give, they will give back.

  Friendships are not perfect, just like the people who make up the relationship. Let’s keep our hearts and minds open to look out for the right people who become great friends in our life. There will be happy moments and sad ones but that is what adds value to relationships. The people who make a difference in our lives do so because of who they are and the values they hold. We should work on becoming the kind of person that attract people with integrity, love, and honesty. Once we have found fulfillment in the love and friendships we have formed, this journey will be well worth the effort.

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Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald