Interviews #5

2017-07-30 05.29.01This month’s theme revolved around rejection and our egos. I want to combine the two for this week’s post to show how they are related. When our ego or pride become damaged, we often go through many emotions– most often, those associated with rejection. When we say we feel rejected, what we are actually saying is that we feel sad, melancholy, depressed, or even angry. The reason for this is because we believe that we are being excluded or unacknowledged by a person or situation. Here are the questions that I asked different young women on their thoughts when it comes to rejection and pride.

  1. How do you feel when someone rejects you?
  2. How do you feel when you reject someone?
  3. Do you think pride gets in the way of your decision making? How so?

(1)”(Laughter) I feel very bad, it makes me feel insecure. (2) (Hesitation) I feel bad for them! But, it depends on how they approach me, so it varies. (3) It depends on what the situation is, but, yes my pride does sometimes get in the way. I often think about what others might think of my choices.” – Joselyn {27}

(1) “Sad! (2) I feel bad for them, but I am not going to lead them on. (3) (Thinking) Yeh. Mostly because I don’t want to put myself in a bad spot.” -Cynthia {20}

(1) “Honestly, sometimes disappointed, but I try to keep my head up. (2) Really sad! (3) No. I feel like, you just need to try your best and later on in the future, hopefully [your choices] it was all for a good reason. -Katie {23}

(1)”I think I am always coming from a place of understanding and regardless of any negative or personal reasons, you kinda just understand the person first and for most, so I don’t always get too crushed. (2) If they are a good person, like I know they are a great person but it’s just not the right time or I know they need to find some stuff out about themselves before they get into a relationship or something like that, I do feel kinda sh**y, but I do know where I am coming from and I know why. (3) I think it can if you let it go to far. I think in some circumstances you’ll make choices that aren’t as kind as you could be or as fully thought through because you let your personal ideals get in the way.” -Dixie {21}

(1) “I don’t really feel bad, it’s their own choice, everyone is different. If you don’t like me, then you don’t like me. (2) I feel sort of bad, but not really because I feel the same way about it–that everyone is different, if I don’t like you, then their are plenty of other people that will. (3) No, I don’t think so, I try to limit myself in that area.” Ariana {26}

I hope you have been able to relate to some of these women’s answers like I have. I know when I feel rejected I often go through a mixture of emotions, where I feel alone, unlikable, disappointed, and even angry at myself for allowing these negative emotions to take place—which then leads to guilt. Rejection is a powerful force, but there is a positive side! Just like I have, you can learn to push through rejection. There are going to be instances where certain circumstances might hurt more than others, but if we teach ourselves to see rejection just as a learning experience– a stepping stone– then no one can truly hurt how we see ourselves. No one will be able to have a hold over our emotional being and that radiates confidence. We will be able to overcome anything that comes our way.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.

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Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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