Feeding your Ego

Whether you are male or female, you may have a sense of pride and ego. As women, we can be prideful beings, but we don’t act on it as often as we feed our ego. Pride is such a broad idea– we can be prideful about goals, family or work– but when it comes to our ego, it’s more personalized. If someone were to hurt our pride, it is likely that person targeted an accomplishment or idea of ours. Now, if someone were to damage our ego, that is completely different; they have now hurt the very idea of how we view ourselves, which can cause us to react in numerous ways.
Some have more of an ego than others, so identifying whether your ego is hurting you or helping you is important. Your ego can be a way to express yourself and give yourself that extra confidence. It can be a way for you to make decisions for yourself and push forward. Same goes for keeping a healthy prideful attitude; you can use that energy to chase after your goals and dreams. So, identifying when we are using our ego and pride into overdrive is as simple as taking a breather. We are emotional beings and it is not always the case to react calmly to situations. A lot of the time when a negative situation has occurred our instinct is to respond the way we feel fit. Although, this instinctive response can produce an even worse circumstance. Most of the time we may have a good reason to lash out and say exactly what we feel, but in the heat of the moment that can be our ego talking, so it is best to take a breather. Take the moment to detach ourselves from our egotistic mind and find the correct way of expressing ourselves. Try it! It will be totally worth it.

You are in control of how you view yourself, so let it be beautiful.
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Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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