The Pain of Rejection

So many of us want to feel that we are better and stronger than any negative emotions that we may encounter on a day to day basis. We allow ourselves to become angry or frustrated and then we quickly allow ourselves to brush the situation out of mind. We may say to ourselves, whatever, I don’t need this. This tends to happen often when we have been rejected. The most painful part about being rejected is that we can’t really do anything about it– all we can do is control our attitude and protect our confidence. When we face rejection, we have options. We can give up, or keep trying until we find a way to succeed. So, here I have listed 3 simple way to push through any form of rejection!

1.      Don’t push the emotion aside! It is important to understand yourself and we can grow an understanding by working through the negative emotions. If you push aside the emotions, they are not completely gone. Instead of being able to push forward at full speed, you are now being hindered by this mental and emotional weight. Face your emotions, you will become stronger for it.

2.      Remind yourself of your goals and dreams! There is a cause for your rejection– you asked for something and you were denied. So, even though we may not like the answer, it is up to you to accept defeat or remind yourself of what you want and why.

3.      Give yourself pep talks every day! What can make rejection so painful is that it can hinder our confidence and that is the last thing we want to happen. So, we need to list things that we like about ourselves. What are you good at doing? What do you want to be good at doing? Say positive, reassuring phrases to yourself. So, an example would be: I am Evelyn, I am beautiful inside and out. I am strong and I will conquer any obstacles that get in my way. I will keep working on myself to reach my goals because I know I deserve whatever I put my mind to. Create your own and tell yourself encouraging words every day because it does make a difference.

 Rejection is something not to be afraid of. Rejection is not something new and it will continue to happen to each of us. Regardless, we can become strong enough to work through it and have it bounce off us. We can become strong!

 If you like, leave some comments about how you have pushed though rejection. Don’t forget to follow for more updates!

 Love, Evelyn.

 Edited by Samantha McDonald

3 Replies to “The Pain of Rejection”

  1. I have to constantly tell myself when I hear a word of rejection that in the bigger picture of things that this is a necessary step for me to have to take to then end up where I need to be in the future to be successful. Rejection also helps you readjust or re-look at what you are doing and make changes if necessary – its easier to see it as a good thing when you are further down the line, but always cuts a little bit at the time. I also find it interesting how we hold onto words of rejection more than we remember words of praise. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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