Interviews #4

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Women Connecting With Each Other
For the past month, my posts have been about feeling comfortable about our appearances and trying to find an understanding to why we dress, act, and speak the way we do. We have been working toward not only understanding ourselves, but reflecting on what we are showing the world, as well. Are the personas we show a true reflection of ourselves?
The following questions were asked to five different, beautiful women. I hope you gain something about yourself through their answers.
How comfortable do you feel in your own skin {scale 0-5, 5 being the greatest}?
Describe what you like about your body
In society, how do you think clothing affects the way people view each other?
Maya (26) – “I’d say a 4.5, I am pretty comfortable. I think in general the female body is beautiful and I like that I am tall. Unfortunately, there are still many people that will view many women negatively, especially if she is showing too much skin. That is something in society that hasn’t really changed.”
Linda (26) – “2. I like my butt and hair. I think clothing affects you quite a bit. I definitely don’t want to have boobs hanging out. Modesty is better, but everyone has their own preference.”
Gabby (18) – “I’d say a 4. I really like my sunkisses– the freckles on my face– and I like my eyes and eyelashes a lot. I definitely think different bonds are created through clothing. I have been one to judge based on appearance and I think clothing has something to do with that. I’ve noticed the people I hang out with all shop at the same stores, so I think it has something to do with judging someone based on appearance. I hate saying that because I think it sounds bad, but I think it definitely affects the way we form bonds.”
Katie (25) – “4. I like my eyes, my skin, and my hips. I think clothing affects us greatly. I feel ladies judge books by a cover and it’s kinda like that with our clothing.”
Olivia (23) “5. I’m a dancer and I feel my body reflects that. I feel confident, I like my muscles! I think clothing has a lot to do with the way we view each other. I find myself judging people in my head and I know I shouldn’t judge people just based on what they are wearing.”
I hope you enjoyed reading these young women’s answers. I want to encourage you to answer these questions for yourself and maybe gain some knowledge about your self-confidence levels.
You are beautiful and loved.
Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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