Behind your Stereotype

In a way, we use stereotypes to simplify our society– they allow us to reduce our thinking process when we meet someone new. Unfortunately, these many stereotypes lead us to creating misconceptions. Stereotypes are very difficult to avoid, and half the time, we don’t even know we are stereotyping someone. The thing about stereotypes is that not only do we apply them to others, but they have also been applied to us.

When we stereotype I am sure most of us have a small sense of what we are doing. We may be walking down the street and quickly make judgments based on someone’s posture, race, or even the way someone may dress. I am not sure about you, but sometimes I brush the thought away and think, Evelyn, you don’t know this person. Why are you jumping to conclusions?! When I say this to myself, I know that I have created a judgment about someone, and unfortunately no matter how hard I try to wisp the thought away, it is not completely out of mind. You might be asking what does this post have to do with becoming confident or positive? Stereotyping creates a lot of damage to the other person’s image, our thoughts, and our emotions towards others. In turn, we are damaging the progress we have made towards positive thinking.

Most often we don’t think about the stereotyping people could be making about us. So, stereotype yourself. I know it might become difficult to be unbiased, but try to take out any negative content from your mind. If someone were to walk past you, what judgment would they make? A negative one? A positive one? Again, I am not doing this so that you change and conform to society. I want you to do this so that you can be aware of what you radiate to others, which often depends on what you want to radiate. If you want to be more positive, are you displaying yourself as a positive person? People are always going to have their own judgements, you just need to make sure you are happy with and without people’s assumptions of you. No matter what, if you feel confident and happy about how you look and how you feel, all those unwanted opinions will just past you by.

Love yourself, because you are worth loving.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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