The Affects of Clothing

Clothing can give others a hint of our personality; through different colors, patterns, and materials, we are able to put together different outfits and give a voice to our personality. Often people can make quick judgments about who they think we are (as I am sure we also are guilty of this). We can’t control what people think when they first see us. First impressions are quite powerful, but what we can do is reflect on ourselves and think about the message we are sending to others through our appearance. Now, I am not implying that you change yourself to fit in or to make other people comfortable, but I want you to make sure what you are wearing correlates with how you feel about yourself and the person you want to become. A lot of time we tend to follow trends, or what our group of friends are wearing, but you should express yourself anyway you want– wear what makes you feel happy and free.

A lot of the time we look at others and their outfits and think, I couldn’t wear that or I wouldn’t look as good as she does wearing that, and that is the kind of thinking that won’t allow you to feel comfortable with yourself. Expressing yourself through your style can be a big confidence boost, allowing you to feel strong, comfortable, and free. Just know you don’t need to follow trends. Express yourself in a way so that when people see you they receive the right hint to who you truly are. The people who accept you for who are will become the friends you need.

Don’t forget to be positive and brave.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald