What does My Body Say about Me

I am sure you have heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” In a way, this is true; our bodies are 75% of what we eat, and that’s not even including physical activity, or taking our genetics into account. There are so many different body types that it makes it impossible to know what the “standard” body type is. Seriously think about how many women there are in the world– there are a lot of us! So, who came up with the idea that there is an ideal body type? How big our butts and boobs should be? How small our waist should look? The list goes on. I want us to think more about how our bodies make us feel, instead of how we feel when others look at us. I am going to use myself as an example and I want you to try this little exercise with yourself.

When I look in the mirror, I see that I am on the shorter side (5’2”). I have long, slender feet. My legs are thin and scrawny, my thighs look strong and thick. My hips curve into my small waist, which means I hold most of my fat in my lower abdomen. My butt is noticeable, and my breasts are average, in my opinion. My arms and shoulders are strong and thick. My lips are thin and my eyes are dark brown. My nose is long and curved, and my hair is long, thin and dark.

 In your perspective I might sound beautiful, average, or unattractive. However, what I didn’t describe was how my scrawny legs look great in heels. I am quite proud of my fat in my lower abdomen because I enjoy eating food and desserts of all sorts. My butt is hard to maintain, but I work out daily to keep it. Even though I used to be self-conscious about my arms and shoulders, I have learned to appreciate them and keep them healthy. And my face is just that, my face. The features I possess are unique to me.

Do this exercise with yourself. What does your body say about you? Are you proud of what it has to say? I admit it took me a while to really look at myself and see the beauty in my body. If you are struggling to find that beauty then my advice to you would be to answer this question. Do you find yourself constantly comparing your body type to others? If your answer is yes, then do the things that help you feel proud about yourself. Like eating healthy foods, working out, or sleeping more. The importance is not in our physical appearance, it’s within our mentality and how we view our body. Let’s show more love to our bodies, we only have one.

Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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