June Makeup


You may have heard the saying, the way we look at ourselves is not how others see us. Our own minds have difficulty seeing ourselves as others do. We see each and every detail and flaw which makes it challenging for us to get out of our heads and view ourselves unbiasedly. Quite frankly we judge ourselves a lot harder than others do. What we say to ourselves is often more cruel than what others say to our faces– which is why it’s so important to read about positivity and surround yourself with good people. The message I am trying to send to you through these photos is that our features are our own. No one has the features quite like you. From the texture of our hair, to the way we do our makeup and contour our faces, we can feel great knowing that we have something others don’t. There are different features we possess that make us beautiful and we need to find the features that allow us to feel confident and beautiful despite makeup. We should recognize the beauty we hold and stand firm with our confidence about ourselves.

To some of us this might be a challenge, but I believe in you, and I want you to as well. You have the power to see yourself any way you want.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald



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Passions for writing & reading. Coffee addict and mommy to my pup pup, Rocky. I live in San Diego, love to travel & shop. There is a lot more to me and I hope as you read through the posts you can get a greater sense of who I am and what I stand for. Happy reading!

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