Interviews #3

2017-07-30 05.29.01Women Relating with Each Other

The past two posts have been about dealing with hate and just overall negativity. A lot of the time when we find ourselves around a negative environment it’s because we didn’t self-reflect the decision we made or how other people impacted us. Instead of working through our emotions we tend to ignore them or trick ourselves into forgetting about them. When we take the time to self-reflect about our day or week we can learn a lot about ourselves; self-reflection allows us to understand ourselves better and move forward in a positive way. When we self-reflect, we are able to face our fears, worry less, make better decisions, and gain clarity. It is super important to form a healthy relationship with ourselves because the stronger our mentality about ourselves is the higher our self-esteem will become. Self-esteem will determine what decisions we make and who we invite into our lives. How we allow others to treat us, how we treat others and how we treat ourselves gives us a large understanding of our fears and insecurities. Which is why I think the last two questions had such a powerful effect with the different women, because it allowed them to think about their own thought process at a deeper level.

Do you ever self-reflect on your actions?

Are you often afraid to hear people’s opinions of you? (why?)

Do you ever catch yourself speaking negatively about others?

Araceli (25years old)— “Yes.” “Yes, because I’m self-conscious.” “Yes.”

Denise (17years old)— “Yes.” “Yes, it depends on the situation but, often I think I won’t like the response they will give me, especially if it’s negative or the truth.” “Yes, everyone does it.”

Lauren (27years old)— “Yes, all the time.” “Probably, I don’t really think about it.” “Yes, and I hate it when I do.”

Courtney (20 years old)— “Yes.” “Yes, as a person you judge yourself harder than people judge you.” “Yes, sometimes.”

Lili (25 years old)— “Yes, all the time, every night before I go to sleep.” “Yes, especially when it is something I am insecure about and I don’t want to be told.” “Yes, I try not too but I think we all do.”

I hope through these questions and the responses from other women you will be able to feel empowered and not alone as you try to move forward and better your life.

Love Evelyn

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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