Stop Pointing Your Fingers at Others

Many of us don’t stop and automatically think about how we messed up or what we did wrong. Even if it’s for a few seconds, we fill ourselves with anger and frustration, and we let ourselves blame the other person first. What we need to change is our mindsets when it comes to unsettling situations. When we have been hurt we need to come to an understanding with ourselves and hopefully even reconcile with the person who said or did something to promote unsettling emotions. We need to change our mindset to think automatically with different perspectives in mind; look at yourself first and then try looking through the perspective of the other person. Doing so will help you become connected to others and teach you to be the bigger person.

 If you are not happy or satisfied in your life, look at the decisions you have made and stop blaming others for where you are now. Of course, there are some people that can influence us, and maybe even make life a bit harder or maybe even a lot harder, but we are still in charge of our actions. We have the power to see our goals and to work toward them. By placing blame when things don’t go right, we are placing our energy in the wrong place. Instead we need to figure out why we let that person affect us. Why did the words or actions of someone have such a big impact on us? Answer those questions and maybe it will help you along.

When we find ourselves pointing fingers, we should pause and check if we genuinely have a right to.

Most often we are our biggest enemy. Pursue your dreams and don’t let yourself get in the way.

Love, Evelyn.

Edited by Samantha McDonald

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